Personal Stories

Dear Katarina, there are no words that can describe how amazing you are. There are no words that can describe the magic you do. Only love and love only can explain my feelings towards you. Towards the work you do to help me love myself again, to make myself whole again. Lots of love...❤

Miroslava Koch Jelačić, Stockholm




My wife and I were trying to concive for some time. We both had left behind a difficult relationships, domestic violance, alcoholism. Now, that we finally found ourselves in a healthy, harmonius relationship, we wanted a child that would be representation of our love. 

Despite the fact that all medical exams and tests were fine, we could not concieve. Gynecologist could not explain why this was happening. Science was not being helpful at this point, so we turned to Spirit, visiting various monasteries and sacred places, praying to have child granted to us.  At that time, I... read more

What I am taking with me from the series of workshops Manifestation through the  Chakras is the power of presence, touch, support and warm glimpse. This all seem simple, but I want to point out, that when done at the right time, on the right place and on the right way, it becomes a very powerful healing. All of this is led on excellent and knowledgeable way by our Katarina. She was helped by other participants who landed their presence…my new friends. 
I warmly recommend to everyone to come and participate on these workshops and “watch their own movie unfold”.
Dragana K. Belgrade , Serbia... read more
This year I had honor and pleasure to go through and experience the workshops led by Katarina. I got much, much more that can be expressed; deep and quality change. And although I look as myself, i feel myself as a very different person. Katarina’s deep experience, warm heart, knowledge, support and creativity are excellent place, a nest, to discover and experience one’s own truth. I retrieved important things that i lost along the way: my own value, strength, will, love, empathy, understanding, pleasure, inner knowing, self-esteem, acceptance…if I may say, I gave myself back to myself. I am... read more
The series of workshops Manifesting through the Chakras and Shamanic Journeys is perfectly thought out. On the first glance they don’t seem complicated, but every experiential, every meditation will lead you to the core issue on systematic and profound way. Shamanic journeys are perfectly connected to the mapping of manifestation process through the chakra system. My recommendation to all who work on themselves is to start all over again, one more time, with chakra system. It is well worth to go through this experience. I am pleased that i gave this gift to myself. My soul has found what is... read more
Regularly, I participate in workshops led by Katarina Subotic because I have complete confidence in her work. Katarina is entirely dedicated to people she works with, her approach to workshop participants is filled with love, respect for life and faith in the infinity of the human soul.
The workshop "Manifestation through the chakras" is the most valuable of all that I have attended so far. A participant goes through a process touching all the important aspects of the realization of an intention, from conception to execution. Beliefs that get in the way become uncovered, until their illogic... read more
I was going through difficult times in my life, and Katarina did several sessions of distance chakra healing. It was amazing because, I could feel my different chakras activated when she was doing her work. After healing , she would explain what she had done, and it would match my sensations in chakras, even though we were thousands of miles away.
After this work, I felt much more self confidant and I was able to have much better love life than before. It is really hard to explain this unless you know my history, but I would highly recommend Katarina as a healer.
Not lonely anymore in... read more
I got to know about Katarina around 3 years ago, through the website of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  At that time, she was the only person from Serbia that graduated from this unique type of School. Although I have never met Mrs. Brennan, I have read all her books, and all other materials she recommended in her books. Katarina happened to be in Belgrade, Serbia at the time I got to know about her, and the only thing I wanted was to meet her…and I did not make mistake. I gave her a call and we made appointment.
On one medical checkup, I was diagnosed with numerous thyroid problems... read more
One evening, our qi gong instructor was late on our training. When he finally showed up on the door, he was radiating. He said he had a healing session with Katarina and that it was incredible. He did not talk or explain anything else, but the change on him was visible.
I got interested; although I had no clue what it was all about. I did feel the trust.
On our first session, Katarina found my weak point and place of my biggest pain. It was miraculous process, all the journey to “forgotten” places that from deep inside impact our lives. I am impressed with the way Katarina leads us through... read more

Most of my life I have been involved with different methods of self-exploration. However, for some time I felt kind of stuck; it was clear to me that I won’t be able to go through it by myself. I carefully searched for someone who could help me.

It was about three years ago that I met Katarina. I almost immediately felt trust and her support.

Soon after that, with her recommendations, I started Pathwork, at the same time continuing with individual sessions and her workshops.  Inside of me things started to move again; the uncomfortable feelings surfaced, but this time I was... read more