Miracles do exist!

My wife and I were trying to concive for some time. We both had left behind a difficult relationships, domestic violance, alcoholism. Now, that we finally found ourselves in a healthy, harmonius relationship, we wanted a child that would be representation of our love. 

Despite the fact that all medical exams and tests were fine, we could not concieve. Gynecologist could not explain why this was happening. Science was not being helpful at this point, so we turned to Spirit, visiting various monasteries and sacred places, praying to have child granted to us.  At that time, I remembered reading in the books of dr Barbara Brennan that the energetic and spiritual conditions need to be there for a child to be born. That is when we decided to conntact Katarina. After one healing (described here) the  pregnancy test came positive!

In October, 2017. our precious daughter Evelina was born. We have already celebrated one month of her being with us And, I know for sure: Miracles do happen. 

Valerius Olaru, Moldova