Healing Team

Katarina Subotich, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
When looking back on my life, I can truly say it was, and still is the journey on the way to wholeness and integration. My passions changed over the time, but the same thread keeps connecting them: the search for purpose of the earthly life and challenge of integrating it (not separating) with the Divine.

This search begun in relatively early teenage days. I felt the strong call after death of a dear family member to figure out the purpose of life here on Earth. That call took me to Bhakti-yoga ashram and India where I spent some time in devotional practices,... read more
Dragana Žarevac, Translator
I love music and the sound of a human voice and I am luckily gifted with “a musical ear”. So I have always played and sang (and eagerly danced, although not particularly successfully, but I enjoy the free movement). Countless times, I was reproached to have a "big mouth". However, being "loudmouthed" proved to be a gift because listening and repeating other people's words helped me to start speaking foreign languages easily.
I graduated in Spanish Language, Literature and English at the translation department of the Faculty of Philology at The Belgrade University. I... read more
Drupal Site Building, Frontend Development, Theming
Aleksandra Jovanović, Drupal Website Building, Theming, Frontend Development
Although my education was focused on IT, my professional life took a different course. After years of working for a small private company as a manager, I have decided to return to my initial interest and expand my knowledge.
I was introduced to Drupal by my brother and I feel very thankful for it. This gave me the opportunity to further pursue my longtime interest in website building, CSS and HTML and at the same time discover a wide area of new concepts and technologies to explore and conquer.

I have been focusing on Drupal Website Building with Commerce... read more