Terms of Service

Secure Shopping

Infinite Soul Journey offers a secure shopping experience. All payment is done using PayPal's services. This means any credit or debit card transaction information is not visible or readable to any third party at any time on Infinite Soul Journey site. Full financial transactions are done through PayPal's site, where the user is redirected at the end of the checkout process. Customers pay using credit cards or their own PayPal account.


Infinite Soul Journey is not liable for damage or injury to items, animals or people caused by the products due to negligent, reckless, knowing or intentional actions by any person. By purchasing from Infinite Soul Journey, the customer assumes all responsibility for damages or injuries caused by our products once it reaches its shipping destination.

Shipping and Delivery

Infinite Soul Journey usually will have orders completed and delivered within 10 business days in US. Factors that may delay delivery of an order within that time frame may include weather, order size, or disaster. Customers that have not received their orders within 10 business days may contact Infinite Soul Journey for an order status check. No rush orders are available on this site. International orders may take longer than 10 working days and is dependent upon the shipping schedule of the courier used. Shipping charges may be based upon the total amount of an order in order to cover cost of parcel weight, size, destination and packaging.

Please Note the Following on Delayed Shipping

USPS will be used for shipping our products to a limited size for both US and other countries. Beyond that Fedex will be used within the US and Fedex International will be used for other countries.

Damaged Merchandise

Notice of damaged merchandise must be submitted to Infinite Soul Journey in writing through our contact page within 72 hours upon documented delivery date by the shipping courier. Damaged products may need to be picked up by USPS or Fedex for inspection before refunds or replacements can be submitted. Upon contacting Infinite Soul Journey, further details on replacement procedures will be provided. Please note Infinite Soul Journey is not responsible for damage accrued to products after they have been delivered and caused by the customer or a third party after delivery.


Elements within this Terms of Service policy are subject to change without notice and at the discretion of Infinite Soul Journey Team, the owners of this site.