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Healing Shame Therapy, Shame and Addiction, Shifting Shame

Healing Shame (Rubin/Lyon method) is a therapy that focuses on identifying, processing and shifting shame from a toxic, anti life force, towards a vital energy that will propel us towards life, creativity and positive change.

“Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.”

Due to its secretive nature, shame is extremely difficult to detect. As such, it is always bound to another emotion (anger, sadness, fear, etc.). Depending on the response of the environment we grew up in towards our bodies, appearance, need, impulse, pleasure - the shame can become attached to different aspects of our lives. If not brought to our consciousness, it can sabotage our relationships, professional career, creative process, material existence, intimacy. Shame is often overlooked in most of the therapies  as it is invisible on the uncharted territory of the psyche.

More than often, shame is a cause of addictions and substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, violent behavior. Due to its effect on the nervous system (freeze), it is integral part of trauma.

Becoming aware of it takes a lot of courage. It is a process we cannot go through alone. Paradoxically, shame was born in a relationship and it is healed in a relationship. After a lifetime trying to be invisible, hiding and being without voice (all signs of shame), we can finally feel safe enough with a Healing Shame therapist and come out of freeze mode. In therapeutic setting we can again dare to be seen, heard, acknowledged with respect, appreciated. Question is, can we allow that to happen?

With slow and gentle unpacking of the incident that shamed and exposed us in unwanted way, during Healing Shame therapy we can together shift from toxic to healthy shame, release freeze of the nervous system and let vitality flow through our bodies and minds.

Healing Shame therapy steps

- identifying shame and your relationship to it
- cognitive, emotional, imaginal and somatic approach to shame
- shifting shame
- giving back shame
- work with generational shame
- recognazing energy and vitality that has been trapped by shame

Shame is something that gets between a person and their soul—their self-expression, their relationships, their sense of self.Sheila Rubin

Katarina Subotich, Brennan Healing Science practitioner, PsychoEnergetics, Somatic Experiencing, Healing Shame

Katarina Subotich facilitates individual, group sessions and workshops in Europe and United States.

She is graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a collage for evolution of Human Energy and Consciousness System, PsychoEnergetic therapist (body oriented approach to process) and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Institute of Trauma Resolution.

Her practice includes in person and long distance sessions. To find out time difference for a long distance session, please use www.thetimezoneconverter.com

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