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Welcome to our community of Infinite Soul Journey!

Infinite Soul Journey Center offers dynamic, transformational and empowering workshops, group and individual therapy, counseling and hands on healing sessions to all who are willing to dive into their soul depths. We practice well known healing modalities like Psycho-Energetics and Brennan Healing Science.

Our work is designed to offer opportunities for emotional and spiritual healing, while breaking through limiting belief systems created by our traumas and wounds. Through solid and body oriented experientials, you are able to release limitations and step into your soul path, filled with purpose and creativity, which will ultimately lead you to the union with the Divine. You can read more about those life changing experiences in Personal Stories section of our site.

This new path unfolding in front of you demands new approach to life: traditional, limiting way of living causes pressure, fear, dysfunction and separation. Usually that kind of life is lonely and dry. In the bottom of our hearts we feel empty.
When we allow our creative impulse, our soul longing to express itself, we are allowing Divine to move directly through our bodies. Life becomes effortless, abundant, meaningful and love centered. Contacts become deep and soulful.

We are here to travel and evolve together with you, connecting deeply within the web of all life that surrounds us. And beyond…
So we welcome you again to this journey of the soul that is infinite and full of adventure.  It is our honor to have you as a guest on our website.

Here you will find the information about us and services we offer to our global community (in person and in long distance sessions of Brennan Healing Science and Somatic Experiencing). Check out calendar of events for our chakra and character structure workshops. Learn more about herbal medicine, macrobiotic lifestyle and cooking and much more. We hope you will enjoy our articles, blogs and sharing we do while traveling through our earthly journeys, embracing our humanness and elevating our spirits.

~ Our Purpose ~
To inspire, enhance and support evolution and transformation of human consciousness through commitment to lifelong learning, self-exploration, education and service.
~ Our Vision ~
To create a local and global community with meaningful individual goals, deep connections, sustainable living and holistic approaches to health.


Professional Services

Professional Services, offered in person and long distance:
  • Brennan Healing
  • PsychoEnergetics
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Healing Shame
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Calendar of Events

Online Store

In our online store you can find wide range of herbal extracts and herbal soaps, selection of salves and creams and more.

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Personal Stories

The workshop "Manifestation through the chakras" is the most valuable of all that I have attended so far. Katarina is entirely dedicated to people she works with, her approach to workshop participants is filled with love, respect for life and faith in the infinity of the human soul.

Dragana Žarevac
There are no words that can describe the extent to which work with Katarina and Atila effected the change in the quality of my life, in the most positive sense. They have, literally, brought me back to life. I am endlessly grateful for having the opportunity to work with them and to grow together with every new encounter.

Maja Medich, Serbia
The series of workshops Manifesting through the Chakras and Shamanic Journeys is perfectly thought out. My recommendation to all who work on themselves is to start all over again, one more time, with chakra system.

Lejla, Osijek, Croatia