I got much, much more that can be expressed

This year I had honor and pleasure to go through and experience the workshops led by Katarina. I got much, much more that can be expressed; deep and quality change. And although I look as myself, i feel myself as a very different person. Katarina’s deep experience, warm heart, knowledge, support and creativity are excellent place, a nest, to discover and experience one’s own truth. I retrieved important things that i lost along the way: my own value, strength, will, love, empathy, understanding, pleasure, inner knowing, self-esteem, acceptance…if I may say, I gave myself back to myself. I am grateful to beautiful women, to Katarina and to myself for this cosmic experience. I have learned how I can be creator and participant of my own life. With all my love I recommend this series of workshops to anyone who wants to feel the taste of creation, play, community, love, health, joy and freedom. 
Slavica, Belgrade, Serbia