Thank you for your gift...

Most of my life I have been involved with different methods of self-exploration. However, for some time I felt kind of stuck; it was clear to me that I won’t be able to go through it by myself. I carefully searched for someone who could help me.

It was about three years ago that I met Katarina. I almost immediately felt trust and her support.

Soon after that, with her recommendations, I started Pathwork, at the same time continuing with individual sessions and her workshops.  Inside of me things started to move again; the uncomfortable feelings surfaced, but this time I was able to face them, feel them, work through them and express them.

I cannot find the words to describe this kind of process. I am continuing with individual sessions with Katarina and with workshops, because that became a place, from which, with lots of support and love, I can continue gentle and beautiful journey towards myself.

Lots of love and thank you for that gift!

Sasha Blagojevich, Serbia