I'm impressed

One evening, our qi gong instructor was late on our training. When he finally showed up on the door, he was radiating. He said he had a healing session with Katarina and that it was incredible. He did not talk or explain anything else, but the change on him was visible.
I got interested; although I had no clue what it was all about. I did feel the trust.
On our first session, Katarina found my weak point and place of my biggest pain. It was miraculous process, all the journey to “forgotten” places that from deep inside impact our lives. I am impressed with the way Katarina leads us through those deep and painful memories, like a skillful captain navigating the ship through tumultuous sea, taking us to the safe port where we can have insights, understanding, acceptance and compassion towards those repressed memories. And what is the most important, to find our lost strength, love, trust and joy.
The workshops are special experiences, since the personal work goes to even deeper levels.
Andjelka, Belgrade, Serbia.