The most valuable of all

Regularly, I participate in workshops led by Katarina Subotic because I have complete confidence in her work. Katarina is entirely dedicated to people she works with, her approach to workshop participants is filled with love, respect for life and faith in the infinity of the human soul.
The workshop "Manifestation through the chakras" is the most valuable of all that I have attended so far. A participant goes through a process touching all the important aspects of the realization of an intention, from conception to execution. Beliefs that get in the way become uncovered, until their illogic falls apart and the obstacle is removed. The exercises used to achieve this may easily be practiced again in everyday life. Shamanic journeys were especially important for me because a person finds there a backing coming from her own soul, in a pleasant way. Other women who were also participating in this process became very important support for me and that intimacy was encouraging me in each moment, as I still feel it.
The most important insight for me was that I do not have to acquire everything through my own work. From an early age, I took care of my needs and tried to satisfy them by my achievements. Now I know that it is equally useful and important to know how to choose what we need from the multitude that surrounds us, to let go the useless and attract what we crave for. I wish everyone could have an opportunity to participate in this workshop, because we all need to feel alive and to grow with help of other souls. 
Dragana Žarevac