I got to know about Katarina around 3 years ago, through the website of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  At that time, she was the only person from Serbia that graduated from this unique type of School. Although I have never met Mrs. Brennan, I have read all her books, and all other materials she recommended in her books. Katarina happened to be in Belgrade, Serbia at the time I got to know about her, and the only thing I wanted was to meet her…and I did not make mistake. I gave her a call and we made appointment.
On one medical checkup, I was diagnosed with numerous thyroid problems. All hormones (TT3,TT4,TSH,TG) were above the permitted range, while titar antibodies (RIA TG-AT, range 0-70) were 30,000!
During my healing session with Katarina, she worked on balancing my energy field, with special attention to thyroid gland. Five months later, I went for another medical checkup, appointed by doctor, and all my hormones were back to normal! Titar antibodies  were still higher that permitted, but they did go down from 30,000 to 349. I would like to add that between our session and medical checkup, I did follow some advices that I got from Katarina.  No medicine for thyroid  was prescribed to me at the time by MD, except  the medicine for slowing down the heart rate.
Although it is not directly related to the story I just told you, I cannot forget to mention what happened on our first session. When Katarina finished the healing, she asked me: “How is your relationship with your mom?” I answered: “Very bad, since I know for myself.”  She said that she worked on the relational cords between me and my mom. I did not take her too seriously on that one, until the very same evening, when I entered my room: my mother has left several presents for me, although it was not my birthday, neither there was any other reason for doing so.
I immediately remembered Katarina.
Thank you Kat, love you.
Igor, Belgrade, Serbia.