Love Towards the Self

Apparently, one of the most logical and most simple things in this world is to love the self. In order to optimally function and supply all organs with nutrients  and oxygen via blood, the first thing heart has to do is to give that same blood to itself. Intelligence and organization of life by our mother nature is genius!
However, all of us know very well, from our own experience, that things in real life are not that simple. On the way to love towards the self, we encounter numerous obstacles, not to say demons. And each one of them has its own outfit and personality: some are disguised in the “girl with the matches” (from known children’s story) and consider itself worthless and unworthy of love; the other one is prepotent, dressed in a suit and tie and is convinced that love has to be earned and achieved, while the third one is dressed in long, seductive, black dress and thinks that she has to manipulate her way to love…otherwise nobody would love her the way she is.
All those believes that we have about love are mirroring our definition of love towards the self. And most of them are false, we will agree on this one: We manipulate, cheat, repress, correct and abandon the self. The blood, that carries love towards the self, runs out, its red color becomes pale, blood cells are less common, coronary arteries weaken…less oxygen, less life, less energy. And than we expect to live and thrive in this world, while barely being in the first gear of survival.
What actually inspired me to write about all of this using the metaphor of the heart?
Well, cardiovascular conditions are the number one cause of death on this planet of ours. Those conditions are not only relevant to the function of the heart, health of veins and arteries which are branching throughout out bodies, but are also relevant to the function of the brain and loss of memory, which is widely spread today. From the quality of blood depends the health of all organs: the good blood rich in nutrients distilled from healthy and organic food, supplies our organs with vitality, strength and energy.
In those technological times we live in, when people are less important than machines, and where main goal of the food industry is profit, we are facing challenges on daily bases when it comes to food choices.
Seemingly I am starting to write about another subject all together…love towards the self - diet, hmm? What does one have to do with the other? Well, a lot.
Love towards the self has many levels. In order to understand the holistic approach, we will use the levels of energy field. According to Brennan Healing Science, there are seven levels, but before we get to energy field,  let’s first start with the physical body.
The most challenging part of healing, for many people, is the change of the diet. Those taste buds on the tongue, whose originally role is to help us feel different tastes of food (sweet, salty, bitter, sour, hot) became a part of the identity of a modern man. 
For me, the better way of eating, with quality produce, is expression of love  towards the self. Really, who would give his or her baby a cigarette or hydrogenated fat, if he or she is conscious that those are not healthy things to consume? Who? I hope nobody. So why than give it to oneself?
Instead of white or brown sugar, which are more or less the same thing, let’s give to ourselves brown rice syrup or barley malt and lets make that cake with wholewheat flower instead only with white. Even if we don’t have diabetes, we should avoid sugar because we simply love ourselves and we don’t want to weaken our blood neither the whole organism. That way we are nor renouncing sweets but we are replacing ingredients with something better.

On the first level of the field, which gives the template to the physical body, let us give ourselves contact, touch and sensations of pleasure, which are bringing us right away to the second level of the field. Everything that brings pleasure (we are not talking about false and temporary pleasure that comes from addictions) and fulfills the needs, nourishes this fluid and sensitive part of ourselves.
On the third level of the field develops the way of thinking which is based on the thoughts we have about ourselves. Are we  critical and judgmental, or we sometimes send some nice thoughts to ourselves during the day: Hey, I think you are intelligent and beautiful, I think you are on the good path and you will succeed. Let’s encourage ourselves on authentic and honest way. 
The fourth level of the field emanates love we have towards the others, relationships and connections we develop with the environment, and all animate and inanimate things around us. When heart itself has enough blood, it can give it to other organs - when we have love towards the self,  spontaneously and with ease that love will flow towards the others.
In this flow our love will express itself in a unique way and will take us to our unique creation - the fifth level of the field. Let’s love what we create. Let us, at least sometimes, express  love towards the creator of our own life. Because this life, your family of origin, and maybe the one you are now creating, is the reflection of your love towards life. Let’s admire and enjoy our creation, instead of judging ourselves for days after committed mistake.
On the sixth level of the field come those angelic beings to remind us that we are loved, that love is what we are made of and that love does not need to be earned. Many religions teach us that if we renounce some parts of ourselves (sexuality, certain types of foods,  pleasure, etc.) we have a chance to get closer to God and be loved and accepted from the Divine. Fortunately, the reality is different.
On the seventh level of the field we encounter believes, much stronger construction then the thoughts are on the third level of the field. Believes, or even the whole systems of believes, shape our life and are often based on past experiences which got repeated many times. Unfortunately, negative believes stick around and grow much stronger roots in our consciousness than positive ones. Believes carry a lot of energy and charge because they are based on the feelings we have towards the self (the second level of the field).
Compassion and unconditional love, understanding and wisdom is our birthright. Every soul came to this world with those qualities which are the mirror of our core. Believe it or not, you posses them. And if you don’t believe you do, than it is not bad idea to start practicing and remembering. Now is the moment to start building a new steel construction of our consciousness that is based on universal truth: every being, including you, and me, and him has basic human goodness.
I hope that the model of human energy field served us well in the attempt to illustrate holistic approach to health. And health, seems to me, is a reflection of love towards the self. When next time you encounter imbalance in your mind or body, ask yourself: What is it that I do not love about myself? Why I don’t love that part of me? Do I feel any love towards that part of the body that feels discomfort? 
Otherwise, if we continue like this, collectively, we might become the first species of life which disappeared from Earth due to lack of love, love towards the self and the others. Paradoxically, at the same time, there is so much love in each one of us.

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