Katarina Subotich, MA

Katarina Subotich, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
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Brennan Healing practitioner, PsychoEnergetics therapist and Somatic Experiencing practitioner

Katarina Subotich facilitates individual, group sessions and workshops in United States and Europe as Brennan Healing Practitioner, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and PsychoEnergetics therapist.

She is graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a collage for evolution of Human Energy and Consciousness System, PsychoEnergetics therapist (body oriented approach to process) and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, trauma resolution.
Her practice includes in person and long distance sessions.
More about Katarina Subotich, Brennan Healing Practitioner, in her own words.
When looking back on my life, I can truly say it was, and still is the journey on the way to wholeness and integration. My passions changed over the time, but the same thread keeps connecting them: the search for purpose of the earthly life and challenge of integrating it (not separating) with the Divine.
This search begun in relatively early teenage days. After death of a dear family member, I felt the strong call to figure out the purpose of life here on Earth. That call took me to Bhakti-yoga ashram and India where I spent some time in devotional practices, studying the Vedas and chanting.
However, this was just the part of the answer…I was still in the physical world and didn’t figure out how to live spiritually while taking in consideration my physical body as well. How can I marry the two…physical and spiritual, not just either/or?
My own health challenge took me step further on that quest. After recovery of the major surgery, I have signed up for Barbara Brennan School of Healing. The deep transformational work changed my own life. Today I use my skills and knowledge as Brennan Healing Practitioner during my in person and online Healing Sessions and workshops.
Staying in touch with physical body, I studied herbal medicine and completed the course from Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, Ithaca, NY. Living Food Lifestyle at Ann Wigmore Institute taught me even more about energetics of the foods. On my own, I studied Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Arts and Crafts.
PsychoEnergetics represents facilitation of deep emotional and spiritual process, for individuals and group. This is powerful work that helps us move from challenging and fragmented places to more whole and awaken life that knows its soul purpose and longings.
So, it seems my journey has been going along the same line for last 20 years integrating fragments of my humanness with Divine. Now days I am also assisting others on this path through different trainings and skills I practice myself.
I am looking forward to share with you this amazing journey of self-discovery and integration here on Earth while connecting to the Divine through this magnificent vehicle called the human body. 
Katarina Subotich

B.S. Brennan Healing Science 


     *2022- Masters in Applied Neuroscience, La Universidad Internacional Isabela I de Castilla

  • 2019 - Healing Shame 
  • 2017 - 2019 - Somatic Experiencing - Trauma Institute, NY
  • 2016 – Macrobiotic Lidership Programm Level 1, MA
  • 2014 - 2015 - Shamanic Journeying - Sandra Ingerman
  • 2010 – 2014 – PsychoEnergetics, Spain
  • 2011 – CraneoSacral Therapy I, FL
  • 2004 – 2008 – Bachelor of Science, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, FL
  • 2004 – 2008 – Professional Studies Diploma, Barbara Brennan School of Healing
  • 2005 – Ann Wigmore Institute of Living Food Lifestyle Education Certificate, PR
  • 2001 – Northeast School of Botanical Medicine Certificate (450 hours of training in materia medica, botany, wild crafting and preparation of herbal medicine). NY


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Message from Katarina

This miraculous path of soul has been enlivening, purpose giving and so rewarding. It is extraordinary to keep spiraling down into your own depths, but even more so spiraling together with another fellow human. In the profound, deep sea of the contact begins our infinity and eternity, beyond personality, ego and personal history. I really want to meet you there. Hope you will join me.