Second Chakra - (Un)Fulfilled Needs - Oral Character Structure

Type of event: 
April 19, 2024 to April 21, 2024
When we enter the sphere of the second chakra, we are moving towards fluid aspect of our consciousness. While the first chakra provides stability, groundedness and structure, second chakra takes us into the deep waters of feelings, unconscious, movement and letting go. Transition from the first to the second chakra is marked by change and that is exactly what this aspect of us and our energy field demands from us.
This chakra invites us to explore our human needs on the deeper level. In that context,  on this workshop, we will explore oral character structure and find the ways to open and receive support, care and possibility of fulfilling our needs that got repressed and therefore unfulfilled.
With optimally functioning second chakra, while at the same time connecting to our feelings we have towards ourselves, we are opening the doorway towards the deep waters of our souls and  transpersonal work (that goes far beyond this present lifetime).

What can you can expect from this workshop?

- meditations and body movements that will enhance the energy field, with the accent on the second chakra.
- tao practices that will fortify pelvic area and reproductive system
- experientials that will inspire exploration of the deep waters of the second chakra  and of our (un)conscious needs.
- release of the traumas that created blockages in this chakra and in the creative process
- psycho-physical aspect of the oral character structure
- exploration of the creative flow, eros and sexuality
- shamanic journey that leads to transpersonal work
Workshop facilitator: Katarina Subotich, MA
787-529-6622 (Whatsapp)
Date: April,19-21, 2024.
Friday: 4-8pm.
Saturday & Sunday: 9-5pm
  Location:  Glavna 40, Zemun.
Belgrade, Serbia.
 Investment: €200.
Early bird €190, until April 1.
In order to reserve the place, nonrefundable deposit of €50  is required.
Participants from abroad are welcome as translation can be provided for additional cost.