In the Silence...

“The Earth is what we all have in common,"

-Wendell Berry

Eagle,  keeper of the East side of the Medicine Wheel, has special vision capacity. While flying up to 10,000 feet eagle is able to see a prey in the bush, and still not lose the vision of the sky and the rest of its environment.  This powerful bird has a peculiar capacity for detail and the big picture, simultaneously.

In the human species the vision tends to be limited  usually only to human perspective. This capacity to see  bigger picture seems to develop during the course of a lifetime (wisdom of the seventh chakra) but is not necesarily always so. Unfortunately, most of us tend to fragmentation of consciousness, duality and split.

Our awareness, in daily life, is mostly preoccupied with existential issues, health crises, economy, politics, survival - power and helplessness (seemingly eternal battle inside the third chakra, struggle between strong and weak parts of ourselves). Those things are important, real, big, complex and often overwhelming. But, nevertheless they are not all there is to life.

Nature is vast, untamed, beautiful and powerful. With its huge presence she envelops all the above mentioned issues, until they all become one dot on her big cloack. In front of force of Nature many things become really what they trully are - insignificant.

Humans are just one of the inhabitants of the planet - we are one link in a chain of life long millions of years and miles. And somehow, we have arrogantly mistaken our role and position on this planet. With all noise of our words and thoughts, we contribute to amplification of the sounds in the noise band that exists around the planet Earth. Sound is vibration and it does not stay contained around the earth, in the ether - it is transmitted in the lithosphere (Earth crust) and deeper to its molten core. Energy permiates all of us, and so the Mother we are standing on.The noise we are making with our words, thoughts, emotions and other forms of energy we carry around (and inside of us), we are making much deeper impact on the planet we call home than we want to believe. Fracking, deforestation, pollution of air, water and soil, destruction of other species of life (sixth mass extinction) caused by human unconsciousness and greedy actions is cutting the very branch we are sitting on - we are destroying our own home. So self destructive we have become... This is a symptom of severe soul loss of humanity to a scale never seen before.

All the pressure and stress we carry inside of us, unresolved issues from our past, all anger, rage, fear, sadness and grief are adding to already stressed planet Earth. The tectonic plates keep shifting, locking, overlapping each other, clashing and diverting - Earth is a living organism, not a resource. It breaths, it has its pulse.  By the law of Nature (and physics), every pressure will increase, if maintained long enough, and will reach its peak. Every system looks for a way to balance itself and come back to harmony. So guess what comes after long sustained pressure and stress? Release. That means there has to be massive release of massive pressure from the planet herself.

This is a call to all of us to not lose the vision of the big picture and get focused only on what is obvious. There is a lot going on right now in our world. During every release there is a death of pressure. During every tension, there is a death of safety and relaxation. This dynamic deeply affects human nervous system - from fight or flight, to freeze and cry for help. No one is coming to save us - no individual, no politician, no Spirit (although Spirit world is always ready to help, it just needs our presence and cooperation). We can work with all of them, but we cannot give our power away just so we can have temporary relief of the weight of our own responsibility.

And each one of us carries a lot - a lot of old baggage in form of undigested thoughts, traumas and emotions. It is time to let go of personal noise, fear, anger and grief - it is time to quiet our minds, deal with our own internal pressure and not blame anyone else for it. It is time to say:

It is what it is.

Let this sink in. In silence. In stilness. In acceptance.

So we can hear new vibration, so we can see new path emerging from silence and void, so we can be new way of being. The darkest hour is just before the dawn…

In silence.
Katarina Subotich, BHSP, SEP

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