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Brennan Healing Science, Healing Hands, Hands of Light

Brennan Healing Science (BHS) is effective hands-on healing technique that includes energy work on four dimensions of human energy-consciousness system:

  • Physical level (work on physical organs, tissues, cells, purging viruses, microorganisms, etc.)
  • Auric level (work on seven levels of energy field which can be structural or fluid)
  • Hara level (hara healings include work on hara or intentional level)
  • Core Star (supporting the creative process from your Divine core and reminding one of the true divine and infinite source where one is coming from)

Brennan Healing Science as powerful way of dealing with disease and crisis in life

Brennan Healing Science at its heart has a deep transformational, psychological and spiritual process that touches every aspect of one’s life. Working with every condition includes the work on all levels of the field: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. For successful treatment one needs to address all aspects of existence. Therefore, the active participation of the client in the Brennan Healing Science process is a must.
The physical body emerges from the energy field. Energy follows the consciousness. By supporting and facilitating deep exploration of all aspects of life, diving deep into the inner world, in the psyche, defenses, superego, wounds, etc. and accompanying the entire process with energy work, Brennan Healing Science gives us one of the most complete ways of dealing with disease and current crisis in life.

Energy Healing Techniques used in Brennan Healing Science are:

  • Chelation
  • Clearing, repairing and charging energy field
  • Astral healing
  • Chakra and organ restructuring
  • Spine cleaning
  • Hara healing
  • Core star healing

What to expect in the Brennan Healing Science session?

All Brennan Healing Science sessions are done by appointment. Upon arrival, the client will fill out the form with the basic information ( form is available at the bottom of this page). This is done only on the first visit. The client will also read the consent form and sign it in agreement to work in explained manner (form is available at the bottom of this page).
After getting to know each other and getting to know the needs of the client, I will assess the energy field. During this time, the client is usually already on the massage table, fully dressed. The assessment is done by using High Sense Perception and on many occasions by using pendulum. The type of healing that will be performed depends on the momentary need of the client. The healing session goes on for about 1 hour. We usually spend time briefly talking about healing after it is done. Any question that is pending can either be asked then, or if a client is in a nonverbal place, it can be discussed later by phone or via e-mail.
I strongly recommend that any alcohol or any kind of consciousness altering substances are to be avoided 24 hours before and after healing (exception is prescribed medication).
Altogether time needed for a session is about 1 and ½ hour.

What to expect after healing?

During the healing work, many people enter expanded state of consciousness. They might be nonverbal or just in need of more rest. Since the deep relaxation happens during energy work, I would suggest you don’t schedule appointments or more work to do.
The results of healing sessions vary from client to client. Some experience immediate improvement and some need more sessions for the same, all depends on seriousness of the condition and on the time the client had it (if it became chronic it will probably take more time to work on it). Some clients reported shrinking of tumors, some improvement in fertility, relief of pain, and another yet fuller emotional life.

And remember, the healing is not curing. I am just adding to what already is. I love working in healing teams, like open-minded physicians, acupuncturists, midwifes, massage therapist, nutritionist and whoever else comes on board of your healing team.

Long Distance Healings
Long distance healing sessions offer you the convenience of receiving Brennan Healing Science energy work in the comfort of your home.  There are many advantages to long distance healings:  they save time of going to the office of a therapist, and you can rest more afterwards;  when your work consists of too many travels, and you have a busy schedule, you can still get a treatment, disregarding of distance and place. When people are very ill and unable to travel, when they are in hospital setting or during the surgery, long distance healings become a real blessing.
Our session will typically begin by phone or Skype conversation, where we will discuss your issues and intention for healing. After that, you can rest comfortably on your bed, in a quite place, while I connect with your energy field, making same evaluations, charging, clearing or repairing the aura, just as we do during the in-person session.
How does this all work, how is it possible, that I am on one continent, you on the other, and we can still do healings?  Many physicists today describe the unified field as “non-local”. Time and space, in a way, do not exist. Can you remember the situation when a smell or a sound brought you to another time and space? Suddenly you could feel you are somewhere else, usually some known places and times from your past. And also, there are many examples of energy transfers from our everyday lives:  satellite dishes, cell phones, radio waves. 
Actually, energy does not need to “travel” anywhere or to be sent. Universe is observed by some as a hologram, where the whole is contained in each and every part. Time and space are concepts that help define our reality, but once in altered state, like when doing/receiving healings, they cease to exist. 
After the healing, you can stay resting, or we can connect for a brief discussion about healing. If not, information is exchanged later via email.

Katarina Subotich, Brennan Healing Science practitioner, PsychoEnergetics, Somatic Experiencing, Healing Shame

Katarina Subotich facilitates individual, group sessions and workshops in Europe and United States.

She is graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a collage for evolution of Human Energy and Consciousness System, PsychoEnergetic therapist (body oriented approach to process) and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Institute of Trauma Resolution.

Her practice includes in person and long distance sessions. To find out time difference for a long distance session, please use

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