Astral Level

Expanded states of consciousness have been intriguing for humankind since time immemorial. Being able to see into the future, and past, visit ancient civilizations that disappeared from Earth thousands of years ago, communicate with invisible beings, was always (and will stay like that for more time to come) a mysterious experience many of us long for. We long and we are afraid. Most common fears are: what if someone gets into my body while I am having out-of-body experience, what if I get stuck and can’t come back, how do I know if this is all for real?

All those fears and doubts we have in our daily, regular-consciousness lives we will definitely carry on astral plane.

Why is this so important?

There is one major difference between physical and astral plane. In the physical  we need time to get from point A to point B (space). On astral plane, one just needs to think about some place and he will find himself right there. If we become overwhaelmed by fears while on the astral plane, the various beings will manifest presenting those fears and reflectig them back to us (astral beings). No wonder the saying goes: Be careful of what you think. What we think really does happen, sooner or later.

An astral experience happened to me a few weeks ago. I am conscious of the attachment I still have for the apartment (space) I lived with my grandaunt and granduncle. Although I am aware that we are not the owners of that piece of space for about twenty years already, some part of me still “sees them" there. And although I am always longing for their loving physical presence, which is not available in that form anymore, we have managed to have different type of contact these days. But, like most humans I am susceptible to  illusion of time and space and I stubbornly keep going to that apartment in my dreams.

Well, last time I was there, I was not dreaming. The experience I had could be called lucid dreaming (the main difference between dream and astral travel is lucidity). From standing just across the street from the building we lived in, it took a millisecond to be inside of the apartment. I was just not the observer as we usually are in the dreams, I was in the reality that ceased to exist in physical dimension but still continues to do so on some other level. I kinesthetically felt the distance of the pieces of furniture in the room and walked between them. I felt the textures of carpet and sofa, colors in the room, smells and sounds of our home where we spent many intimate and  beautiful moments.

When I “woke up” I was actually already awake. Hard to explain, but I felt I was awake while sleeping. The only distance between there and here were my eyelids. Closed or open, they actually did not make much difference. I was traveling through time and space. Now, I had the experience of what I’ve heard before: things disappear on physical, but they do continue to exist in energy field we humans collectively create.

Barbara Brennan used to talk and teach a lot about astral plane in her school. My experience reminded me of her story about Avalon still existing on another plane, Atlantis as well. You could go to Egypt, on astral plane, and still meet all pharaohs, visit temples and witness rituals. 

When there is an attachement to certain event, somewhere along the time line, so called time capsule is created.  That means that some part of our consciousness stays  stuck and creates a "bubble" in our field that is related to certain time and space (feels like part of us still lives "there"). This phenomena often appears  due to trauma, especially traumatic death experiences, but, like in my example it can be crated out of love and inability to let go (no traumatic experiances involved). This is visible in the energy field and can be released through energy healing. And most of the time, it is not about the story of when, how and why…it is about the emotion and believes we still hold  in our energy field that prevent us from being who we really are and being in the present moment. 

And how do you know you are not “hallucinating”? Well, the issues that present themselves to us from past lifetimes are usually the ones that we are dealing with in this lifetime. There is a clear  connection between two realities.  When the memory of past life comes to us, it means that it is presenting itself and it is ripe to be dealt with and released. It is important in our present moment evolution.

Many times we want out of curiosity to know right now who we where two thousand years ago. And since that information is not organically coming to us (meaning it is not time for it to be revealed yet) we go to psychics or shamans looking for answers. All your lifetimes are written down in your energy field, meaning you are meant to be the first person to know about them ( or it can be revealed to your therapist during the healing).

So let’s be patient, open, curious and above everything grounded in this reality. Than everything that needs to follow will follow, on its own accord. It is different when you know something out of your experience, than when you are told by someone else. This is actually process of awakening, which happens by process of experiencing.


Stay curious, stay open.