Earth Healing - Lower Astral Level

Every creation begins in emptiness - at the very beginning of a creation artist faces empty canvas. In moments when mind calms down, and ego becomes silenced, we find ourselves in one of the most powerful moments in life - a moment of infinite possibilities. When we change our perspective from straight forward to left, right, above or below, we begin to understand that the cone of our perception narrowed, while simultaneously reality around us is wide and multidimensional. This narrowing of the consciousness came into being due to well established belief systems and comfort zone, an old path we walked many lifetimes.

However, the purpose of the ship is not to be anchored in the port - its purpose is to sail through bodies of water that are in constant movement and change. So it is with a soul of a man.

Times we are living in are forcing us on awakening, on expansion of the cone of perception, recognition of the bigger picture of reality, or illusion, that is unfolding in front of us. This is a time of intense cleaning of the energy field and consciousness - of past lifetimes, long encapsulated emotions and energy that carry traumas, deeply entrenched way of thinking, unhealed family conflicts that stretch through generations. We hold it all in our energy consciousness system.

Therefore, those months, while cosmic energies are directed towards introspection and deep purification, are meant to be used towards becoming aware of intent and individual purpose. Deep work seems easy to access, somehow  it is unobtrusive, yet so inevitable. Actually there is not much to do, but to be consciousness. And consciousness itself will be your guidance.

Parallel to inner being and cleaning, the healing of collective is happening. Especially of the lower astral level.

Every modern state was a homeland to other people some centuries and millenniums ago. In the past, the borders used to change much faster than today, while groups and tribes of people were exterminated in massacres and wars. All those events, or better to say emotions and consciousness of people who died horrible deaths, who were tortured and went through genocide, that were treated on the way no human being should be treated, stayed imprinted in the energy field of our planet. Many modern countries are founded on this kind of lower astral energies.

The intensity of pain, despair and sudden death often contribute to soul loss. Not so infrequently, groups of the souls  that left their physical bodies on horrible ways, or have lived in great suffering, stay on that physical location, in the astral form, for a long time. Creation of new countries often happens on the foundation of this kind of energy and consciousness. That alone explains why some societies don’t seem to prosper, to move from a dead center into worthy and honorable life and creativity.

During the demonstrations in Belgrade, and later in the other parts of Serbia, that begun as the protest against curfew and other measures, I had a strong urge to do something useful, to help. After I energetically connected with location of the protests (as I am currently thousands of miles away from Serbia), the forms of sacred geometry started appearing. Pillars of light were holding and grounding geometrical forms. More people were needed for this healing, so I asked two friends to join me. We were witnesses of the self-forming and self-organizing energies. While spiritual beings were directing the energy that caused  various energetic formations to  take place, something unusual happened, actually something I have never seen before. In, what we call downtown Belgrade today, lived, even before Romans, ancient people who were overrun and ferociously killed.  Via extrasensory perception, I saw horsemen, I heard galloping horses and screams and I felt large amount of  human pain and terror. As the energetic forms of sacred geometry continued to shift, I saw souls, coming up from the earth, using same geometric form as a kind of an elevator. They went towards the sun, towards the light. As a matter of fact, according to their symbols while living physical lives, they seem to have been worshipers of sun.

A few days ago I received invitation to participate in the ceremony which gave me clearer idea of what has happened in the healing on the territory of Serbia. This time, healing was directed towards slaves, indigenous First Nations of America and all oppressed who lived a martyr’s life and died without dignity and in great pain, without any love and in complete helplessness. Since this healing of the earth was led by indigenous person, the sacred form used was Medicine Wheel and pillar of light that was placed in Memorial Center in Alabama,US.

Night before our online gathering I did not dream - I actually saw numerous times, a row of slaves, connected by chains in the cave-like tunnel (I later learned that underground railroad existed for transportation of slaves). All those souls were patiently waiting for an exit - they were ready to return to light. The purpose of our healing was to interrupt vicious cycle of all the crimes committed, and that unfortunately still continue to  happen towards indigenous and people of color. When the pillar of light passed through the earth, those souls when up effortlessly.

Precious time of external contraction  brings about significant and invaluable inner expansion. The significance of intention is always of immense importance as it determines the trajectory of our lives and experiences. These days it seems even more so as the sound of intention and consciousness resonates more easily through many dimensions. We are given the opportunity to connect with the Self on a completely new way, to clean old suitcases and closets from physical, emotional and astral luggage, which will enable us easier quantum leap. Everything is vibration, everything is consciousness and light.

However, the path towards the light almost always passes through darkness. And there is plenty of darkness - it floats out in all directions, individually and collectively.
We don’t need it anymore, at least not in this amounts.
Let’s let go of the darkness so it can transmute.

With love,

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