Window to the Other Worlds -Sixth Chakra-

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Katarina Subotich
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I was sitting on the flat roof of the little house, in the midst of the rainforest. Above my head was vast, dark, but clear sky decorated with millions of stars. They all felt so close as if I could touch them just by stretching out my arm.  The huge cosmos was all around, enveloping me in a blanket of imagination and dreams, the blanket that was about to take me to the far lands, the ones we listened the stories about…those stories that begin with “Once upon a time…”
The sense of immense space, peace and freshness was around and inside of me. I was here, and I was on that star, and on this star, and on that one!  It felt like I am far, but also close, and can be out there while sitting on this roof. Feeling was so rewarding - no must, no do, no have to. I was floating, feeling my self infinite, mesmerized by the experience. The sound of the palm leaves  and cocqui frogs brought earthly vibration to my senses, and made me feel even more astonished at the beauty around and inside of me.
Yes you are right, this is the sixth chakra experience. Easy to float away, isn’t it:). This is aspect of your existence that gives you a glimpse of another worlds, beyond the veil of illusion and separateness. Here, you have experience of yourself as limitless and eternal, while the sense of space and time fade away. You experience yourself as a free spirit - free of constricts of the body. On this level of the aura, the sixth, you meet spiritual beings, hang out with angels, see beyond the physical dimension (clairvoyance), dream, communicate with your guides and have that gut feeling, that thing that you can’t explain, but call intuition.
Some of us that have issues getting hold of the material dimension and don’t feel safe, like schizoid character style, have very large upper part of the energy field. We prefer hanging out in the middle of nowhere then being down here. It is such a relief to be up there! You feel like nothing can hurt you:  you are above all material distress, suffering and human struggle. Nevertheless, this  is not  spiritual experience, but rather so called spiritual by pass. Realm of the sixth chakra many times becomes the place we escape from this world, especially when it gets unpleasant down here. 
The sixth chakra helps us pass the dimension of time and space and direct our eyes beyond physical things. We start seeing beyond the body: light colors, some unusual shapes which disappear with the blink of an eye. We can sense intuitively something about people we never met before, or know who is calling us before we pick up the phone.
This chakra gives us ability to understand and the capacity to recognize the patterns. Most of us had experience of connecting the numbered dots in order to see the bigger form those dots depict. And when we get to recognize it, it is often because we have seen that form before. Although all chakras bring in some bits and pieces of information, the sixth chakra puts it all together and things start to make (or not) sense. We get to develop and see the bigger picture thanks to our sixth chakra.
Recognizing patterns gives us the ability to see past, present and future. Like in the example of the relationships: we sometimes don’t have to enter deep and far in a relationship if it starts to exhibit certain qualities like the previous one (that perhaps  didn’t end so well). We can, thanks to understanding, memory and recognition save ourselves from lots of trouble. We have learned  the lesson and don’t have to go through it again…if we make a good choice. That is called intelligence.
But it is not always the case that we listen to inner knowing and take in consideration learned lessons. We can be reminded how things looked and felt like in the past, but we deny and hope - believe, that they will be different…despite the facts and the experience. This is called illusion. We refuse to see the truth. 
The illusion is the demon of the sixth chakra. It happens when the truth (that also comes from the fifth chakra) gets clouded and covered. It can happen sometimes as a consequence of the childhood experience: when we were not allowed to see some things in the family; the experience when we see one thing, but we are told that that’s not what it is, that it is something else ( I hit you  because I wish you well and I love you, it is not what it looks like).
Illusion comes from fixation on the frozen image. For example: somebody had a manipulative mother and that is the image he/she will freeze and place upon all  women. But, obviously, that is not real, as nothing is absolute in this world. This frozen image is placed from the past to the present and that is how we will experience the world of feminine most of the time. You can conclude yourself how the future cannot be anything different then that. The sixth chakra can easily weave the time, past, present and future, with experiences that help us transcend time and ego, but can easily so perpetuate the illusion. Depends what we chose to do with the freedom it gives us.
Once we passed the forth chakra, we enter the world of symbols (language in the fifth, drawings in the sixth, for example). As Anodea Judith said “in the visual realm, symbols speak to us as a representations of powerful archetypal energies”. 
Symbols are so common and all around us: in our logos, jewelry, paintings, traffic signs. Also, we see them in our dreams, in appearance of some animals, in old languages. The Spirit communicates in more archetypal language, through symbols and messages that put us on further quest for trying to find a meaning to it. The communication is not linear in the spiritual planes.
I still remember our graduation at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, when during the channeling, the medium said to open our hands in order to receive the gifts from the spiritual beings. When I did so, with my internal vision, I saw that in my left hand was placed the crystal ball, in right hand, the red rose. I still wonder what it means…
If we try to force the meaning to be discovered to us, it will not work. The intuition does not ride on will, but rather on surrender, openness and receptivity. If we pay attention to something long enough, the sixth chakra will illuminate and discover the pattern, leading to aha! moment and an insight. Without intuition we cannot grasp the whole or essence. Intuition makes something unknown - knowable. 
When we start recognizing our internal patterns of consciousness and energy, we will be able to focus that awareness where we choose. This can lead to clairvoyance, seeing past and future, but only to that degree that we can perceive true present reality. 
Thanks to this energy center we get to know, as said before, the consciousness beyond the body. Moving from lower to upper chakras, we go through spheres of our existence as embodied being, as instinctual being, as egoic being , but here we get to integrate all of that and go beyond individual to universal consciousness. It is in the sixth and seventh chakras that we have experience of being one and connected to all life. We start to go beyond, to transcend, the worldly limitation and our nature and character.
Influence of the sixth chakra on our daily lives
All of us, especially during young age, experienced some unpleasant situations and scenes. If the child  witnesses a fight, alcoholism, accident, violence of any kind, etc. it will store those images in the memory. The feelings that are associated with those images are very often too much to bear for young psyche (and even so for adults), so there are usually two ways of dealing with them.
One is repression of the memory and feelings. In the state of repression we close our perception, hence closing down of the sixth chakra, making it deficient. That means that its gifts stay undeveloped: poor intuitive ability (compensating it with the ratio), weak memory, difficulty visualizing and imagining things (being able to see things differently than they are), difficulty remembering dreams. All of this, unfortunately cuts off many important roads to the deeper self.
The other way we deal with trauma is disassociation. During this process we separate from the part of the self , or the memory that is traumatic and inhibit the ability to make sense of the images we see. We lose our ground and the sixth chakra becomes excessive - cluttered with images that never reach understanding.
When the memory, and the image of the event is separated from the rest of the experience, the split happens in the psyche and we can easily lose the contact with the reality. Every information that comes through sixth chakra has to be tested through the ground of the lower chakras and find its place based in reality. 
There are often people that I meet in my practice who have excessive sixth chakra, and, sooner or later, will fixate certain image on me. Often times the image will be related to power issues, as they try to control with delusional statements. For example: You were my lover in the past life, we lived in such and such country and now you are afraid to admit to yourself that you like me; or, give me your date of birth and I will check on your astrological chart to see what is the best way to approach you. “You don’t want to? Why? You are afraid of black magic? How can my healer be afraid of me?” etc.
 I’ve heard people blaming others on the basis of “past life memory” when somebody did such and such thing to them, so now they can continue to blame the other and use that ungrounded claim to keep the other under control (and themselves in a victim role). And, at the same time, usually people with this kind of claims have not awareness of how their statements affect people around them. They are cut off from reality and environment.
The excess in sixth chakra impairs the ability to discern between truth and fantasy.
I hope you got the idea why it is important to work on the human, earthly part of ourselves first, our egos, wounds and pain. These sixth chakra spheres  can be very dangerous waters if not worked out gradually through lower chakras first, as things can affect psyche and possibly develop to psychological problems.
The truth is, every wound or trauma done to lower chakras will be reflected in the sixth. It is the same energy that moves through our vertical power current, and expresses differently through each chakra. One is contained in all, and all of chakras are contained in one. 
All chakras interact and form certain dynamic in our energy field. The sixth chakra gives that higher note to power when in a balanced relationship with the third. Than we have understanding that having power is responsibility and service, not dictatorship. When in balance with first chakra, sixth will give understanding that we are spirit having earthly experience, and that body is not to be denied but integrated in the process of spiritual awakening.
But one of the most important things I’ve  learned from Barbara Brennan is that, in order to experience unconditional love, the fourth and the sixth chakra have to be open.
What does that practically mean?  When we have understanding, we cannot be judgmental. When we judge (third chakra imbalanced) we cannot feel for someone, we cannot love someone as we insist there is something wrong with the person. When we stop judging, and begin to understand (which does not mean we have to agree with someone) we come to the point of acceptance, which will automatically start to open our fourth chakra.  Sooner, or later, love starts to flow without strings attached.
So what can we do to heal our sixth chakra?

For most of us, it is not so much about the healing as much it is about developing sixth chakra. Not many of us have grown up within the societies or communities that cultivate inner vision, development of intuition, imagination, symbolic thinking or psychic abilities. Due to high speed of our daily lives, we have lost the ground and we lack the strong base which is necessary for development of the higher chakras. 

The first place, and the easiest to start, is dreamwork, then follows the mythology, imagination, visual arts, making collages, mandalas, visualization, shamanic journeys, vision quests, meditation.
All traumas have profound affect on the nervous system. They actually seem to be stored in it. Therapeutic work that gradually releases the traumatic experience, will discharge the overactive energy of the nervous system and bring sixth chakra in more stable and balanced state.
Huh! This article is getting too long. That is what happens when you get in those infinite realms of your being and universe. I will leave you here with a advice fro Anodea Judith, for developing sixth chakra:
“Learning to see is a matter of learning how to look and of having the patience to look long enough to find what are you seeking” (Anodea Judith).
Happy journeys into your depths and heights!
Katarina Subotich
BS Brennan Healing Science 


Excellent Katarina, you have good understanding and insight of the human body and soul, big congratulations!!!!

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