Levels of Consciousness

Written by: 
Andjeka Sharshanski
Date of issue: 

The family order goes beyond the concept of personal experience and trauma. It includes wounds that are part of the destiny of the others’: those that we are connected through empathy, intimacy, blind love, to those with whom we are trying to compensate and establish the harmony. This process goes beyond time and space.

The Spirit contains the whole, the field, and everything that affects the individual, independently of time and space; it connects and creates new identity. The Spirit includes each and every part in the whole that way making the whole bigger than summon of parts and functions. So we speak of spirit of the people, or time, or certain group.

The family members behave like they follow the collective consciousness, or collective soul. It is commonly seen that collective soul follows certain laws and demands. It is obvious that the family members are connected within the greater soul, or collective family soul. Group consciousness does not pay much attention to the individuals, but to the group as whole. The individuals are important in the sense of what they are doing for the group and the focus is on the benefit and survival of the group. Every member needs to contribute and fulfill the needs of the group.

There are three levels of the soul or consciousness: personal, family soul and the “great soul”. Personal and family soul/consciousness thinks in terms of right/wrong, good/bad, deserving/undeserving, etc. The great soul or collective consciousness doesn’t make a difference between good and bad and it does not allow exclusion. It follows the archetypal rules of nature and acts with the intention of bringing the balance, even when that seems rough and cruel.

Universal conscience of the Great Soul is directed towards unity and wholeness. All entities are part of it and belong to greater whole that is beyond the group and individual “correctness”.

Each and every level of consciousness affects our lives. Resolution of conflict and further development require that individual steps out of personal and group consciousness into the greater field. 

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