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Katarina Subotich
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After just flipping through some titles in the news today I felt so much injustice, fear, conflict, lies, stilling and treachery that is going on in the world scene. There was so much I wanted to express in the moment: my anger on the people in position that kill, steal and lie, my desperateness when it comes to human rights and economical issues (especially when you see somebody getting filthy wealthier by every minute of the day, and some getting poorer every second). It is just not fair! I wanted to yell and scream, but my voice was not coming out. My hopelessness that my reaction will not change anything, choke up my voice in the throat.

This is very visceral, personal experience of the fifth chakra at work. It is the energy center we communicate, or not, our feelings, ideas, attitudes, opinions, love. It is the place where all the functions of the lower chakras get to be expressed through sound. And that is its main purpose: communication and creativity.

Through the second chakra we go out and explore, especially in the time of its development, around second year of age. It is than that the child has a whole new world of persons and objects to touch, to contact, to take in and experience. We are letting the outside world inside of us through the senses.

In the fifth chakra we bring what is inside of us to the outside world through expression. Whatever was happening in the lower chakras will affect to some degree our way of listening and talking. That seems to explain, to some degree, why the chakrastwo and five are so related - there is also physiological, hormonal link that connects these two centers on the physical level. If we cannot feel, if we cannot connect to our needs, which become desires in the third chakra, and help define us in the forth, it will be very hard than to express ourselves. We will stay in the inside world and withdrawn. Only through self-expression does the outside world get to know what is inside of us.

Shame and over correction can also create obstacles for expression.

The element of this chakra is ether and the color is light blue. Ether brings a lot of unknown. We usually don't know how things can sound to others before we actually say them; or if you sing you may never know if the voice will sound clear or not; when you are receiving something from the others, or from life itself, you don't know what is coming your way. When we give things out we are more in control. When we need to receive there is always a dose of risk and surrender. We have no control over other person's expression and behavior.

There is a degree of risk and excitement in not knowing. For some of us a lot of fears can come up, and in order to prevent any possible ridicule, shame or inadequacy, we can stop the expression. And yet, for some of us there is a lot of excitement when we don't know( just remember the anticipation when you were a child and you waited for your birthday  and all those presents you were about to get...and most of the time you didn’t know what is coming your way).

When we were supported throughout life, we had our needs and desires met, we were most of the time accepted and encouraged, the expression will be easy. In the family of alcoholics, rigid or abandoning environment, where there is no support and nobody we can resonate with (somebody who has the ability to receive us), but rather sends the message don't talk, don't feel, don't trust - we will become unexpressive. Encouragement is so important for all of us, especially the one that supports our real self to be, to come out, to create and grow.

The truth is very important for this energy center. And it starts with us, being true to ourselves first. Opposite of truth is lie.  This is reflected in the situation, for example, that is not nourishing for us, but we keep staying in it (abusive relationships, inability to let go, etc.) – we live something that is not true to our true needs.

The traumas of this chakra manifest in the form of mixed messages, verbal abuse, excessive criticism, secrets (threats for talking about something), authoritarian parents (don’t you dare to talk back to me).

In this case, the deficient fifth chakra is developed: small, weak voice, fear of speaking, introversion, difficulty putting feelings into words, shyness, and poor rhythm. Excess fifth chakra is another way of defense against those traumas: too much talking, poor listening skills, gossiping, dominating voice, interruptions. It usually happens when the voices in the family were very loud and we learned that if we were ever to be heard, we need to yell. 

As a result of blockages in this energy center, the organs in this area can weaken over the time: disorders of the ears, voice, neck, tight jaw, thyroid issues, bronchitis and vocal apparatus issues, any problems with alimentary canal. Ability to take in and assimilate nutrients is also related to this center.

According to Brennan Healing Science method we also have the posterior aspect of each chakra. Chakra 5B, as Barbara Brennan states, is the place we develop sense of self in the society and profession. If one is in challenging, but fulfilling profession, that gives the sense of the life task and purpose, he will have this center open. If there is a fear of failure, the person might rather hold back and create a strained, tense neck and pride to make up for low self-esteem. He will stay in the role of victim, rather than going out and creating the life he wants.

Every chakra, no matter how “high" it is in the chakra system, is no more important than any lower chakra. It is actually very affected by them, and kind of  “contains” them in itself. Therefore, we need to work (lower three chakras) for what we dream to express and create in this world (upper chakras).

For example, contraction in the body (first chakra) will restrict the voice. Lack of feeling and our awareness of it will make the voice mechanical, while too open third chakra will make the voice very dominating. In order to produce sound, we need air, and if chest area in contracted the voice will not be full.

As we can see, there is no superior and inferior chakra, no single one is more important than the other. They all need each other to work properly so the human body and the consciousness that resides in it can be in harmony.

The function of one chakra depends also on the function of the chakra next to it. In the case of fifth, the key condition to its proper function is self-acceptance in chakra four. When we fully accept ourselves we can fully express our truth. We can be what we are meant to be and create anything we want in life.

And so this text came into being. Thank you for reading it.







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