The Eyes

In each September there’s something like a silent farewell. You notice it in the games that slowly start to stumble. You notice it in the shortened suit that you pass on to the younger brother. 
You also notice it in the fairytales which we have dreamed up so nicely so far. You notice that even our fairytales lose confidence in us. 
In fact, that’s a huge illusion. Just like the world on the other side of your eye.
For the one that you observe in the mirror with hope. You are the hope that he observes from his world. Don’t trust anything that can be spotted only from one side of vision.
Run and meet with yourself. Get lost in the distance of yourself like a drop of pure light.
Rare are those who understand the limits of freedom. Even rarer are those who understand the freedom of the limits. Eskimos say: "Do not build a door that is bigger than the house". It means the same as to build the windows smaller than the eyes.
Seeing truly means: knowing how to see the rain falling upwards. To see how the roofs of houses fall upwards and the mountain peaks settle in rivers.
This is what I heard: "Who has not seen the sky in water; he has no idea what are the fish on trees".
So if you slip, sometimes, in life, do not look at it as a fall into downfall, but as a fall upwards.
And always, always remember Alexander the Great: "Nobody in the world conquered me but myself."
One must know how to see the sky, a lot of grains of light that rise above the ground and branch out during their fall. They flourish. 
And to see the fall of the wind that grows deep in the valleys, in the undercurrents of clemency, my son.
And dreams should be seen to grow slowly while you sink into them and while you get unraveled, just like these words of silence, other people's and mine, sink tonight, while outshining the roof and clouds and outshining the sky and grow into a beautiful universe that we invented for ourselves in the heights of the fallen September. 
Miroslav Mika Antić
(Translated by Dragana Žarevac)