Written by: Katarina Subotich

Common name: Skullcap, Mad-dog Skullcap, Hooded Skullcap.

Botanical name: Scutellaria lateriflora.

Family: Laminaceae (Labeateae).

This shy member of mint family is native to lands of northern hemisphere in Europe, Asia and North America. It is perennial plant growing in the shady areas, along streams, in rich and wet soils. The collection time is in the mid August and beginning of September, while the plant is flowering.

Skullcap is a nervine tonic, specifically used in the treatment of seizure.  It is beneficial for all types of nervous tension, specifically in cases of fiery (pitta people) where those intense emotions can cause nervous and muscle tension. When twitching, restlessness and tremors develop, the skullcap is herb of choice.  It eases menstrual tension, insomnia, headaches. It is a mild sedative.

Its most known constituents are flavonoid glycosides, scutellarin and scutellarein.

Products containing skullcap: Calming Herbs, DolorSana salve.