Juana la Blanca

Written by Katarina Subotich
Common name: Juana la Blanca, Yerba de garro, Iron grass.
Botanical name: Borreria laevis.
Family: Rubiaceae.
Juana la Blanca is a very kown herb on the island of Puerto Rico. It grows on wastelands and is easily cultivated in humid areas and partial shade. It grows up to 50cm, with oval leaves. It has a tiny white flower.
Traditionally, the leaves and inflorescence have been used in the form of infusion as a diuretic and very effective remedy in cases of kidney and gallbladder stones. It is also occasionally used in cases of catarrh and flu.
The roots have strong emetic quality and are employed in cases of high blood pressure. 
Reference: Plantas Medicinales de Puerto Rico, Esteban Nuñez Melendez.
Prudact containing Juana la Blanca: Juana la Blanca extract.