Hierba Buena

Written by: Katarina Subotich

Common name: Hierba buena, Yerbabuena, Red mint, Hairy mint.

Botanical name: Mentha nemerosa.

Family: Labiateae.

This aromatic perennial plant is a type of mint that grows in Puerto Rico. It can reach height of 70 cm and prefers semi shady areas.  Its oval leaves have tiny hair that carry essential oils.

The infusion of leaves and flowers has beneficial effect on digestive system. It is used in cases of digestive problems like gases, spasms, inflamed liver. It is excellent tonic for all organs of digestive tract. It is beneficial in cases of colics in children. The alcohol extract applied on gums helps with toothache. Since it contains naturally occurring menthol, it has beneficial effect on respiratory system in cases of bronchitis and flu.

Essential oil applied on temples lowers the nervous tension.

Products containing Hierba buena: Hierba Buena extract