Clearing the Aura and Space

Written by:Katarina Subotich

The fast life in the cities, overload of sounds and noise, polluted air and food can slow down the work of the physical body and throw out of balance our energy fields. Self care is one of the most important things to do in order to stay sane and healthy.

So here are some tips about clearing your energy field. When we feel exhausted or sluggish, we are already out of balance, so it is not bad idea to practice some of it when we still feel good.

  1. Take a walk close to the moving water (if possible close to vigorously moving water). The negative ions discharged by vigorously movig water help clear and charge the field. You can use this time for mindful presence, centering, light exercise, meditation. Being in nature is one of the simplest things we can do to bring ourselves back to balance. It is so simple that we don’t even take it seriously anymore. Leaning on a tree, sitting on its roots or taking off the shoes and placing the feet directly on the roots will help you ground.
  2. Take a bath in the ocean. Just about 20 minutes in the salty water and the sun will clear the field tremendously.
  3. Those of us who don’t have access to sea or climate does not permit outside bathing, here is a recipe from Barbara Brennan: in a warm water, in a tub, place a pound of each sea salt and sodium bicarbonate (Epsom salts is also good) and soak your body in it. To make it more pleasant I would add a tea made of rosemary, sage or lavender (strain it please if you don’t want your pipes cloggedJ ) or any nice fragrance tea of your choice. For centuries people have used medicinal plants in baths, cleansing and rituals, so I am sure there is something to it. Light a candle and sink your busy mind in your beautiful body. Since the concentration of salts is high, this bath will take a lot of energy out of you, so recommended time for it is about 20 minutes. It will clear your body, mind and energy field. Do not plan any visits, appointments or work afterwards. Take time for yourself and rest. The sleep time is when our bodies regenerate the most
  4. Native American people, from South and North, have cleaned their bodies and minds in rituals. At the beginning of every ritual they would take a bunch of fresh and healthy plants and lightly hit their bodies with them.
  5. You can also take some sage and burn it in a ball, ceramic pot or pan. Take a handful of cedar or sage, and put it on fire. Use the lid to stop the fire. Remove the lid and let the smoke fill the air. You can do this with your friend and so you can switch the roles and help each other cleanse (front and back of your body).
  6. The same way you can clear your space, with sage or ceder, or othe plant that might be considered sacred in your tradition( resins like myrrh, frankincense, etc.). Make sure you go to the corners as those ones are especially prone to collect stagnant energy (spider web first appear in the corners).
  7. If the plant smoke is too heavy for you, use Epsom salts instead. A handful of Epsom salts with a little bit of alcohol can be set on fire in a sauce pan. You  can use this to clean the space and the energy field of the person. Just don’t forget to open windows and doors, no matter what you intend to use, since the dead energy needs a way to get out of your space.
  8. I always ring the bell while smudging. To my perception, the sound pierces through stagnation and breaks it apart, so the smoke of the burning plants (or Epsom salts) takes it out faster.

After clearing your space and aura from negative influances and dead energy you will feel more focused, lighter and peaceful.