Written by Katarina Subotich
Common name: Baquiña, Monkey's hand.
Botanical name: Lepianthes peltatum.
Family: Piperaceae.
Baquiña  is a herbaceous plant that can grow up to 2m high. It is usually found in humid places, along river beds and in the woods.
Its eye catching leaves can reach 16-35 cm in diameter.
Baquiña is specifically used for urinary tract cleanse. It can be used also to dissolve the kidney stones. It is known as rubefacient, emollient and analgesic in cases of inflammations caused by tumors.
It has beneficial effect on prostate health.
Reference: Plantas Medicinales de Puerto Rico, Esteban Nuñez Melendez.
Product that contains baquiña: Baquiña extract.