Many times in my practice, a client came with yet another need. The crisis in their life reached the peak point with many unresolved internal issues that included relationship with the self, relationships with others, emotional issues, etc. To be able to hold the client in this place of turmoil, I am using the skills from PsychoEnergetic training.

Psycho is a Greek word for the human soul; that which governs the total organism and its interactions with the environment; that which includes but goes beyond the mind and the ego. Energetics stands to the formations of the energy associated with human body (aura). Our bodies reflect our consciousness which means that depending on our feelings, thoughts, belief system, relationships, etc. our energy field forms around us. For example, particular thoughts or feelings can cause our energy centers (chakras) to move certain way (clockwise, horizontal, etc) which is showing direct influence of consciousness on the energy field.

Fundamental principles of PshychoEnergetics are:

1) Intention  
For our purposes, “intentionality” is the sense of determination and single minded focus with which you hold towards a certain aim, such as personal growth and transformation. 

2) Attention
Attention is the ongoing process of actively witnessing one’s present moment experience, by utilizing all of our sense perceptions. 

3) Repetition and practice  
Just as in physical exercise, repetition is essential for a lasting change in our psychology. Our habitual reactions to reality have shaped and strengthened certain pathways in the brain over the many years of repetition.

 Synaptic pathways that are used frequently are strengthened while those which are rarely used become weaker. Recent research shows that in some parts of the brain, including the hypocampus, neurogenesis (the formation of new cells) continues throughout our lives.

This allows us to realize that repeated transformative practices help us consciously shape our brains and behaviors in new ways.

4) Guidance 
External guidance must be balanced with one’s own inner wisdom. Outer guidance is helpful to the extent that it leads us towards our own inner authority. Inner guidance can come in the language of dreams, archetypal images or symbols, synchronicities, or simply from a clarity (direct knowing). 

Using those principles in the work with the client, I am nothing more but the facilitator and assistant on your journey. Through this type of work we invite more life force and vitality to our lives and let go of the outgrown patterns that don’t serve us anymore. Having psychoenergetc experiences enables us to start creating and living life that we long for. 

PsychoEnergetics long distance sessions are available by phone or Skype.

Investment: USD $100

Practitioner: Katarina Subotich

 You can schedule individual session with Katarina in Long Distance Healing section of our Online store.