Nutri balls

Written by Katarina Subotich
Many dis-eases can be traced back to deficiency of certain nutrients. Due to the depletion of the soil, conventional way of farming and deliberate use of pesticides, even if we eat diverse foods, we fail to provide sufficient amount of nutrients for optimal daily functioning of our bodies. The symptoms can be fatigue, skin disorders, inflammations, anemia, etc.
The recipe that follows is an attempt to bring in more micronutrients to your life in the form of tasty delicacy. It can be eaten as a desert or anytime during the day. Please intend to get as many organic ingredients as possible, as conventionally grown food and herbs are poor in nutrients ( and abundant in toxins).
2 cups almond butter ( cashew, hazelnut, any  nut butter)
2 cups tahini (sesame butter)
1 cup raw honey (or according to taste)
1 cup cacao
1/2 cup goji berries
1/2 cranberries
1/2 toasted coconut
1/2 hemp seeds
1/2 cup chia seeds
1 oz oat straw powder
1oz alfalfa powder
1 oz maqui berries powder
1oz maca powder
1oz wheatgrass powder
1 oz spinach powder
1 oz horsetail powder
1 oz chickweed powder
1 oz red beet powder
2-3 tbs spirulina powder
2-3 tbs chlorella powder
You can mix well the first part of the ingredients, and than add herbs in powder. If the mix feels too dry, add some coconut oil. Remember that you can always play with the ingredients, put other ones and create your unique recipe and taste.
Mix it all well and roll into balls, that can be decorated with almond or shredded coconut, etc. You can eat more than one a day, but one is, most of the times, enough.