The Right for Order - The Right of Precedence

Written by: 
Andjelka Šaršanski
Date of issue: 
The soul has a deep need for order. Order creates the frame where love will fulfill the space- love without order often ends up tragically. The order serves continuation of life through generations and maintains the need for biological survival of the group.
In the family systems, the basic order is manifested through the concepts of place and rank.
Transgenerational hierarchy
The family soul gives priority to those that were born earlier in relation to those that come later. First come parents and than come children. Before the parents come their parents, and so on.
The descendans  born later are willing to die for those that belonged to system earlier, that way sacrificing their own life so they can protect the lives of the other family members. Someone of the younger members of the family can try to carry the unresolved guilt of previous family members. The daughter can represent the father's previous wife and act like one, creating the rivalry with  mother. 
Strong ties between ancestors and descendants allow the family soul to stay whole. Difficult events in the family that cause split, pain and crevaase in the family soul take a long time to process and seemingly end up repeating themselves.
The family members that come later and stand in the service of the family take on themselves the task to end the unresolved issues of the family system.
If there is an ancestor that still did not find peace in the family soul and act upon the living members as he is still alive, the constellator, for the purpose of resolving the issue, can start the shamanic ritual. Through the representatives, the dead and living can meet again; those that are not here can establish again the contact with each other and allow love to flow from their hearts towards the living.

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