The Balance of Giving and Receiving

Written by: 
Andjelka Sharshanski
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Human beings have deeply rooted need for balance and justice. It consciously can be expressed in many forms:

- giving and receiving in the relationships

- obligation

- guilt and alignment

- compensation

- revenge and making peace

We consciously recognize imbalance and injustice. We also have a need to bring relationships into order by correcting imbalance on honorable and just way. Similarly, we feel the imbalance in the area of happiness and benefit.

Trans-generational alignment

There is an obvious need to balance out gain and loss throughout generations. That practically means that those who profited on the account of someone else’s loss will have to equivalently lose, so that the balance and compensation can be achieved.

The descendants of those who profited, and by doing that committed injustice, will have to pay for it. The family soul will use them instead of ancestors, and most of the time the family members of younger generations are not aware of this role. Therefore, if somebody was guilty in the previous generations and never faced the music for it, some of the descendants will accept on themselves the settlement of guilt. For example the descendants of Nazi criminals had tendency, even few generations later, to feel suicidal.

In the previous articles, we already talked about entanglement of the family member, most often a child, who unconsciously identifies with the member of the family from previous generations that was excluded, forgotten or had tragic destiny. The child is inclined to sacrifice itself so that the wholeness of the greater system is established again. The entangled person repeats the destiny of the previous family member. He is doing that out of loyalty and this is known as “blind love” which gets manifested in many forms, including diseases, depression, unfortunate events, suicides, suffering…

Behind the need for alignment, which conditions all above mentioned situations, lies the magical belief that we can take upon ourselves the suffering of those we love and that we can save them by living their unfortunate destiny. Children really believe that they can make life of the parents better  with their sacrifices and that their own disease and death can liberate the parents from it. That is called “blind love”.

We can transform that kind of love that creates suffering into the love that heals. Healing happens when the child accepts the parents the way they are and accepts the life he got from them. Only then the loyalty disappears and child can create something new in his life, without repeating the destiny of the parents.



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