Personal Stories

Most of my life I have been involved with different methods of self-exploration. However, for some time I felt kind of stuck; it was clear to me that I won’t be able to go through it by myself. I carefully searched for someone who could help me.

It was about three years ago that I met Katarina. I almost immediately felt trust and her support.

Soon after that, with her recommendations, I started Pathwork, at the same time continuing with individual sessions and her workshops.  Inside of me things started to move again; the uncomfortable feelings surfaced, but this time I was... read more

There are no words that can describe the extent to which work with Katarina and Atila effected the change in the quality of my life, in the most positive sense.  Every day, when I meet old situations in a new way, the effectiveness of this work gets confirmed. This is possible thanks to the experiences and changes that happened on workshops as well as on individual sessions with Katarina.  They have, literally, brought me back to life.I am endlessly grateful for having the opportunity to work with them and to grow together with every new encounter .It is all... read more

Since a long time ago I’ve known that human body is soaked with memory and cognition. In workshops with Katarina Subotic, together with other participants, I get in touch with my body wisdom. That enables me to become aware of the message coming from the deep flows within the body and it guides me towards a wholesome state. I get more life-like attitudes and truly rejoice life.

Dragana Žarevac