Woman and Medicine Wheel

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June 25, 2020 to June 28, 2020

"We must let go of the life we have planned,
so as to accept one that is waiting for us."
Joseph Campbell

Life takes place in the form of spiral cycles.

In the cultures of indigenous people, this map of cycles is known as Medicine Wheel. This is an instrument that can help us navigate through process of personal transformation, gradually disintegrating old stories form our personal history as well as beliefs that created certain identities which do not serve us any more. During that process we step into the unknown, with intention to write a Golden Book of our new myths and personal stories.

During the four day retreat Woman and Medicine Wheel, we will explore four directions of the world and our own consciousness, four totems of South, West, North and East, thus moving clockwise, through our interior, and exterior: accross the beautiful forests, hills, valleys and rivers of mountain Tara, Serbia. Our journey will be supported by Spirit of the Earth, trees, plants and animals that live on this mountain. Path of transformation will take us through four phases:

Snake, the totem of the South direction of the Medicine Wheel, represents groundedness, senses and strong impulse for physical survival. Snake shows us that big transformation can take place even in the physical body, which is made of very dense energy. Snake perceives life through senses, while her body is in direct contact with earth, stones or water. Snake says: “Everything is the way it is. I believe only in what I see and what I can touch.” She reminds us on our contact with physical world and reality of its existence.
Transformation can happen in the deep levels of unconscious and change our health, physical body and life. In certain phases of her life, Snake sheds the skin and leaves it behind, exposing herself in all its tenderness to the earth. This totem teaches us that ultimately we have to leave old identities and roles that don’t serve us anymore, asking us to trust that we can survive without them.

Jaguar is the totem of the Western direction of the Medicine Wheel. West is the place of dying sun and Divine Feminine. Into those deep, rich and dark places we journey in order to face our death. Jaguar, the wild cat that moves silently through the rainforest, has no predator. It lives without fear, it takes only what it needs and it does not kill for fun, greed or out of fear that there won’t be enough food. In our journey to the Divine Feminine we will embody the wisdom of the Jaguar, letting go of the fear of unknown and trusting that what is dying in us is necessary to disintegrate  so we can rejuvenate and serve whole of life.

Medicine of Jaguar brings the sense of security and safety disregarding of what is happening to us. He helps us become fearless, even in the midst of our biggest fear — the fear of death, which is the base of all fears. Jaguar makes  us to courageously explore the unknown, dark, scary, and if we allow him to take us far enough, it will take us to the Goddess directly who will pass the knowledge personally to us. Through the spirit of Jaguar we come to our immortality and victory over death, understanding eternal nature of our core.

Hummingbird, the totem of the North side of the Medicine Wheel, brings us to the next phase of the transformation. After we have experienced the darkness and faced the fear of death, Hummingbird is bringing us to peace and acceptance. Even when it moves its wings rapidly in the air, Hummingbird looks  still. North is direction our ancestors and their wisdom came from. It is also a place of peace in the middle of the chaos. Here, we develop ability to transcend the disturbed mind obsessed by  important and not so important details of everyday life.

Hummingbird asks us to leave established patterns and beliefs we have about how things should be, and instead become the observers of cycles changing, moving or dissolving.In other words th Spirit of the North asks us to surrender. Only when we stop grabbing, avoiding, endeavoring, worrying and fighting, can we find stillness. Only when in peace, can we arrive to the wisdom of ancestors and step into infinity. Gift of the North is stillness in movement.

Eagle and East direction of the Medicine Wheel, are the way of rebirth, where Sun is born every day, providing us the possibility to engage with the world again. Only with the peaceful mind, gift of a Hummingbird, can we give a chance to vision to emerge from consciousness, from the core.

Eagle has the ability to fly very high, above the clouds, and at the same time see  mice in the bush. This ability to have both perspectives simultaneously, high from the sky and clarity on the earth, is the path of the visionary. Gift of the Eagle is ability to start a fresh, free from old stories about who we are and what we are supposed to be, free from all expectations, fears and doubts. East asks us to share the wisdom and insights we acquired with others.

With the clarity and expanded perception of an Eagle, we can start creating new map of our lives. Instead of repeating the old dramas, we can be aware of every moment and let it unfold in front of us, filling it with vision of something new and original that this world have not yet seen. Life can be transformed on the deepest levels by having the vision of possible. Only when we share our gifts with others can they really become ours. According to Native people, we dream our lives into being. Journey on the East is the journey of the visionary, in the reality that goes beyond death, where the vastness of the creation and Universe gets revealed to us. It is the duty of the visionary to bring this knowledge home.

By visiting all those themes of the Medicine Wheel, each day of our retreat, we will go through inner formations of our beliefs, fears, mortality, stillness, dreams, visions and immortality - all of that with the help of big external, natural formations surrounding us. Being enveloped by something so much bigger than ourselves, like material elements, nature (trees, rivers, mountains), enables us to effortlessly replace our isolation into interconnectedness.

Retreat will be filled with experiential exercises that follow themes described above - in the natural setting, bonfires, shamanic journeys, medicinal plants, meditations, hiking mini Vision Quest and creating the interpersonal bridges that last to eternity. All of this is possible in the supportive environment of sisterhood.

Workshop leader: Katarina Subotich, BS, BHSP, SETI

Contact: InfiniteEssence@yahoo.com

               787-529-6622 (Whatsapp)

Location: Tara mountain, Serbia.

Date: Jun, 25-28, 2020. We arrive Jun 24. and retreat officially opens the same evening.
Investment: €290 (includes workshop, accomodations and three vegetarian meals a day).

In order to reserve your spot, the downpayment of €100 is required. It can be made through PayPal, email kalyani1008@yahoo.com

Reimbursement: In the case of cancelation of the retrait by the organizers, the full refund will be made. In case of cancelation by the participant, 50% of the downpayemnt will be refunded.

Above the map, scrolling down, you will find a pdf file with more information and photos of the natural surroundings and accomodations.