Transgenerational Trauma

Type of event: 
February 14, 2021 to February 16, 2021
11-3pm EST

"The Greater Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been made separate."

- Bert Hellinger

There are stories that are told. And there are ones that are not. There are experiences that are lived and those that are longed for. There are also stories and experiences that are being repeated, not only in our every day lives, here and now, but are transmitted from one generation to the other. Whether we are conscious or not of these repetitions, whether we have explored Family Tree or not, whether we believe in all of this or not, there are invisible energies that operate our lives. And they have to do something with our ancestors.

In the presence of unresolved trauma, which is generationally transmitted through our Family Tree, very quickly we come to understand that we do not have as much of a free will as we would like to believe…that something invisible, keeps hampering, entangling and limiting us. Events and circumstances that our ancestors lived through, still affect our lives today. The link that connects us is very  real and strong.

Energy field is not subject to laws of time and space. Heart chakra is a gateway to the astral world where connection to ancestors is very real and tangible. Whether some of them are still in the physical world or some passed to the world of light long, long time ago - their belief systems, defense mechanisms, experiences, traumas, conflicts, betrayals, poverty, love, warfare, valor and bravery still affect us. How long ago and where things happened does not minimize  the fact  that we are still tightly connected.

Times we live demand from us change. More then ever change is inevitable - there are no delays or bargainings. One of these changes is letting go of old luggage, things, energies, old stories that are written by others for us to live. By restoring vitality and flow in the family field, shortcomings and difficulties can become sources of strength, fulfillment and love.

In this interactive workshop we will have opportunity to:

- experience somatic approach to generational trauma in combination with energy work
- by working on the family relationships we will be able to improve relationship with the Self
- to become conscious of information and energy (beneath the story) that is carried in the family field
- to connect with the core, essence and strength of our ancestors
- to start healing of energy cords that connect us to our biological parents and all the ancestors that came before them
- making our Genogram with exploration of our bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts (there is a lot in the unconscious when it comes to family field)
- processing grief and loss, addiction and diseases that are being passed from generation to generation
- process and support that will help us tell our story on a new way, from the other perspective.
- creating the sacred space using sacred geometry, elements of the nature, totems, etc. where ancestors can make transition to the other levels of consciousness and being
- experientials, energy work, interaction with other participants, meditations, ceremonies.

What is needed for this workshop: computer and internet connection, functional video and audio systems on the computer, note pad for writing down your personal experiences, A4 or bigger piece of paper for drawing, crayons, one heavy object, photographs of the ancestors for healing and support, tissues, water, pillow and anything else that gives you support.

Workshop leader; Katarina Subotich, BS, BHSP, SEP
Date: February 14-16, 2021. (Sun-Tue)
Time: 11-3pm EST
Location: Zoom
This workshop is conducted in English


Price: $108