Games with Boundaries

Type of event: 
Glavna 40, Beograd.
May 25, 2024 to May 26, 2024


When we talk about boundaries, most often we think about relationships with others and our environment - rarely we think about the relationship we have with ourselves and different parts of self inside us.

Relationship with the self and sense of self is a place where everything begins and ends. People will be invited in our lives, through  resonant energies, to remind us on the parts of self that are still not integrated in the whole being. When our boundaries with others are very hard, nothing can come in, but nothing can go out either. When the boundaries are too porous, nothing can be contained - it flows out and spills.  It equally happens with the sense of self, as well.

In this workshop we will explore mostly inner boundaries, between different parts of ourselves and intend to integrate them and make them more flexible, as much as possible.
Supporting one another, we will then intend to form new external boundaries based upon new, more integrated internal sense of self, which will be able to emanate and exchange the feeling of love and joy with others, instead of isolation and pain.

Since that is what we truly are - deep in our core we are made of love and joy.

What can you expect from this workshop:

- becoming aware of the inner mechanisms that lead to established sense of self (something is wrong with me, I am not worthy, I do not deserve, etc.)
- creative arts (drawing, writing) that will help define the sense of self, our inner and outer boundaries.
- meditations and practical exercises directed to heart and core
- identification of "blind spots" in the chakra seals and TARs (Traditional Ancestral Root Cords) that are passed through generations affecting our beliefs, sense of self and, as a result, our inner and outer boundries. Self healings through core light will be performed. 

Workshop leader: Katarina Subotich, MA


787-529-6622 (Whatsapp)

Date: May 25-26, 2024.

Location: Glavna 40, Zemun.

Investment: 160€ till May 1. Thereafter 170€.

Guests from abroad can participate as well. Translation can be provided for additional cost.