Aleksandra Jovanović

Drupal Site Building
Frontend Development
Aleksandra Jovanović, Drupal Website Building, Theming, Frontend Development
Photo by GD
Although my education was focused on IT, my professional life took a different course. After years of working for a small private company as a manager, I have decided to return to my initial interest and expand my knowledge.
I was introduced to Drupal by my brother and I feel very thankful for it. This gave me the opportunity to further pursue my longtime interest in website building, CSS and HTML and at the same time discover a wide area of new concepts and technologies to explore and conquer.
I have been focusing on Drupal Website Building with Commerce integration, multilingual functionality & other cool stuff like implementing "responsive design" for smartphones & tablets.
My cooperation with Katarina and Atila started in early 2012. and I am happy to say that years of working with them, creating and maintaining this website, helped me to grow on both personal and professional level.
I am currently residing on the bank of river Danube just outside Belgrade - the capital city of Serbia. Besides Drupal and Website Building I love travelling, gardening and photography.
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