Quality Therapy = Work on Oneself

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Katarina Subotich
1. What is your key motto in dealing with people?
The presence is an essential factor in the process of working on one’s self and healing. I deeply believe that if we are long enough present with ourselves, or with another person (client) and we pay attention to sensations in the body (whether subtle or strong), emotion, thought or any other signal that our system sends us, we will be on the authentic path of transformation and everything will be possible to heal and change. Therefore, in one sentence, my essential motto would be: mindful presence. Everything begins and ends there.
2. How does Brennan Healing Science help people relieve stress?
Barbara Brennan has integrated the physical, psychological and energetic aspect of working on one’s self. When a person is approached from all those aspects, which is done in Brennan Healing Science, various blockages, beliefs and stuck emotions begin to unclog. In my experience, this kind of approach is a complete way of working on a cause of stress and all other forms of discomforts that we have in life. 
Stress initially comes from ourselves, from the inside, when we have demands, high expectations form ourselves, and we simultaneously radiate them into the surroundings. Thus, we set a matrix as a basis for the environment to begin to vibrate at the same frequency and to set on us the expectations, requirements and perfectionism.
Another important factor in the production of stress is the lack of presence and attention in what we are doing in a certain moment. We are in one place, and at the same time, we would like to be in another to do something else, one of the many things on our list. This creates a split in consciousness, which is soon manifested in a form of muscular tension in the physical body. When we chase two rabbits, both of them usually escape. Grounding in the present moment and place (here and now) relieves us from tension and stress.
Naturally, energetic work itself relaxes and often introduces individuals into the expanded state of consciousness. In order to create a deep effect, a combination of work on consciousness (which creates stress in the first place) and on the energy field is needed.
3. Is there any music that influences human chakras and auras particularly well?
Sound vibration is extremely powerful. We learn from many holy books that creation began with the sound. All sound vibrations have, weather we believe that or not, a direct impact on our field. Everything is a vibration and the sound definitely produces a vibration with which we either resonate or not.
The sounds of drums, didgeridoo and similar tribal instruments will always have a good effect on the first chakra and will contribute to grounding. Belly dance and sensual movements will contribute to the fluid nature of the second chakra to start moving, while the powerful sounds, like a symphony orchestra with many instruments, will set the third chakra into motion. Dance and music where we employ hands a lot, along with all love songs, will touch the heart and the fourth chakra, while singing and higher tones - the fifth one. Harp and spiritual music, mantras, church singing and meditative sounds open the spheres of the sixth and seventh chakra.
4. How does one bioenergetics practitioner feel when she hears the news from the world of politics?
The political system that prevails now on our planet is a reflection of our individual and collective evolution. We are a part of everything that is happening around us. When a person understands this truth, at least partially, she can create a change in this world. 
I would just add that instead of blaming others, we should take things and power in our hands. Instead of blaming genetically modified food and "evil forces" that stand behind it, we can step out into the yard and make a small garden with our own vegetables. Rather than complain that everything is expensive, let us make those things in our community and exchange them with each other.
So in other words, let us take responsibility for our lives into our own hands and create a new reality.
5. In the sphere of energy healing, are there false approaches, those that are more focused on pulling out the energy from a person and on abuse? Moreover, did you have, among your clients, "victims" of such an approach?
Instead of the term "false approach", I would prefer to focus on practitioners of a particular method. All methods, at least those I was acquainted with, originated in good faith, but the problem often occurs with people who represent a certain method. Ego wants quick results and a magic wand, perfection and idealization. Thus, if one does not work well on one’s self, treating one’s own ego, wounds or trauma that one survived, she / he can seriously injure others, the clients, and make more damage than it was there before.
We can transfer to our clients all unfulfilled personal needs, first subtly and then roughly. The healthy boundaries and awareness about when something becomes my transfer to the client, and when something is really a client’s problem and not my personal, that is of exceptional importance. This part of training for any kind of therapist is of supreme importance.
When these things are not clear, a misuse of a client for our unmet needs (in order to justify ourselves, that we are powerful, that we know everything, that we cure everything, etc.) may appear. Indeed, I had the opportunity to work with people who were wounded again, so to speak, by their therapist. It is very difficult for those people to re-open in front of someone and when they re-take that risk, I congratulate them. 
Therefore, this work should be approached with honesty and integrity.
6. Do you see a person's spiritual path as a path without an end, or is there something like a final enlightenment, the climax of spiritual evolution?
We are spiritual beings who have no beginning or an end, so does our existence at a spiritual level. The work on ourselves begins with a quest: for ourselves, for the meaning, for pleasure, for peace. The depths of the soul are limitless, equally unlimited is the journey to our own depth and the depth of other people. Problems in relationships arise just when we think that we know everything about someone. This means that we have ceased to uncover ourselves and the other. 
7. How antidepressants and tranquilizers affect a person's energy system?
The consumption of antidepressants has a stagnating effect on the energy field. Then, energy "clouds" are created in the aura and longer they remain there, darker they become. Most of drugs for the psyche have the aim to calm, while choking the emotions (and trauma) that have not completed their path and want to get out. In case when this kind of drugs are prescribed, awareness and energy system is already overloaded (is highly charged) and looks for a way to discharge, and in most cases does not know how to carry it out in a safe manner. 
In some extreme cases of mental disease, therapy is often not effective and must be treated with medication.
8. Which book would you recommend to the visitors of Serbia Couching web site?
Books that made a great influence on my life are Barbara Brennan’s “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging”; “Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma” by Peter Levine, Emanuel, Pat Rodegast as well as “Seeds of Spirit”, a collection of material channeled by Barbara Brennan.
9. During psychotherapy or coaching sessions, can it happen that the negative energy shift from the client to the therapist and is it advisable for therapists to, somehow, protect themselves energetically during the session?
Transfers of the "negative" energy happen in cases where the therapist has no clear boundaries and when he /she has not been working enough on him/herself. The boundaries depend on our personal history, family dynamics, defense systems, trauma, etc. When a person hasn’t a clear sense of where he / she starts and where he / she ends, that person begins to "overflow" and "cares" about a client wanting to help him to feel better (here's an example of insufficient work on one’s self from the previous question).
 To make someone feel better is not a desirable thing in therapy. A person naturally feels better when her system is in harmony / balance. That is not the therapist’s duty.
In the process, it is often necessary to feel discomfort and anxiety, because this is exactly what is authentic; it stirs the system in order to exit the old clichés and a comfort zone and to extend its boundaries (expansion of consciousness).
Therefore, I am repeating, it is essential to work on one ’s self. If we are not able to be present with our fear, to tolerate our own discomfort, anger, pain and similar inconvenient inner states, we will not be able to do this for a client either. Then we  will have a need to relocate the client in another state, and if we fail (most probable scenario), the therapist’s trouble begins (he feels unsuccessful, inadequate, etc.). Working with other people in the field of therapy demands the work on ourselves.

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