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Radenka Markovic
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Katarina Subotich

It facilitates chemotherapy and radiation

When applying it, faster recovery after surgery was noted, as well as lesser need for drugs after organ transplantation, says energy-therapist Katarina Subotich

Barbara Brenan healing method energy work represents a holistic approach to health through aura, which includes the physical, emotional and mental aspect of each personality, as well as our relationships and spirituality. According to Katarina Subotich, a graduate energy therapist and "Brennan Healing Science" method (which is the original therapy name) practitioner, therapist, by embodying certain frequencies, it can successfully change the flow of energy, fill the energy field, balance it, restructure the chakras and accelerate their movement in the direction which will allow a greater inflow of energy from the universal energy field into the aura and the physical body of the individual.
Our interlocutor says that from her own experience she can confirm that the changes that a person experiences using this method are priceless.

"By transforming consciousness, a person begins to 'regulate' her inner space, her attitude to the self, her deep-seated beliefs and to connect more and more with her true, original Self, her core.
Therapy can include work on the psyche, unexpressed emotions; false beliefs that limit our creative process, as well as energy work on the aura. "

Change your relationship with yourself

As a particularly interesting one, our interlocutor brings on the area of ​​the second chakra.

“It is an emotional center that includes feelings towards oneself. As long as the relationship with oneself does not change, relationships with other people can’t change. Regardless of all the affirmations we may repeat to ourselves, if we don’t feel what we say, we will not even believe in what we convince ourselves. Feelings are fluid; the element of water is governed by this chakra. We all know that water is in constant motion. Thus, our emotions also have their beginnings, the upward line to the peak, after which they begin to lose their power and slowly disperse” she says and specifies that the problem arises when this path of emotion cannot be completed, most often because of the painful experience. Then, emotional blocks emerge, which, as a magnet, attract our thoughts and form a certain way of thinking, which will further influence the establishment of relationships with others, our creative process of manifestation in this world and our relationship with the divine.

Of course, when congestion occurs at several levels of personality, or energy field, the last level where it arrives is the physical. Then it is manifested as a physical misbalance, not to say illness. So the disease, which is now visible on the physical body, has been in the energy field for a long time. For all of us who didn’t feel worth of attention while were growing up, who have a sense of abandon, who feel as if we are not enough, the second chakra is an area that we need to deal with. Our interlocutor points out along with the explanation that this chakra is always associated with sexuality, rather than having a relationship with oneself. Both areas are closely interconnected: the way we feel about ourselves, we also will feel in relation to another person. The importance of this part of the body lays in the fact that reproductive organs as a reservoir of huge creative energy with a potential to create a new life reside there.

Facilitates recovery

It is recommended to anyone who wants changes in life, who wants to explore their inner world and actually get to know oneself. Of course, most often, if not always, we set sail in these waters because of the crisis, whether health crisis or any other kind. For most of us, this is the starting point.

The power of this therapy is so great that when applying it, according to Katarina Subotich, fast recovery after surgery, easier chemotherapy and radio therapy tolerating, as well as less need for drugs after organ transplantation, are recorded. Therapy is performed by laying hands on the client's body, and includes deeper work on all seven levels of the field, as well as on seven chakras.

Katarina Subotich says that from her own experience she can confirm that the changes that a person experiences using this method are priceless.

It is hard to love when there is no confidence

Clarifying other chakras, Katarina Subotich states that the first chakra is in charge of physical existence. Satisfying the physical needs, such as shelter, food, money, clothes and the like, all are the prerogative of this center. “Security, safety and confidence affect the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, while in today's life, continuous stress and haste are consuming adrenal glands and create a state of chronic tension and fear. When a person can’t relax, there is no satisfaction either” she says and adds that it is fear that mostly disturbs the functioning of this center.

The realm of the third chakra is the mental level of the field, which represents logical and linear thinking. We all know how hard it is to curb the mind and millions of thoughts per minute. Our way of thinking is very influenced by the kind of upbringing: punishment, reward, criticism. That voice that in childhood used to come from outside is internalized now and we treat ourselves as they treated us in the early age.

The duration of one therapy is about an hour, and the number of sessions depends on individual needs

Our interlocutor continues: here we enter in the area of the fourth chakra where we cultivate feelings for other living beings, humans, animals, plants.
“And like the area of the second chakra, this is a fluid level of the field. In my work I often find a significant relationship between the first and fourth chakras: trust and love. If we can’t trust someone, we can hardly relax and open ourselves enough to love that person truly and unconditionally.”

We communicate by thoughts and feelings

The center that follows, the fifth chakra, is very important for communication, which is obviously an upgrading of relationships. As soon as we are in relation to other beings, a need for communication and further bonding appears. “We communicate with others, we interchange our thoughts, feelings, creative projects. We cooperate at different levels, which include other chakras as well, depending on the type of the relationship. In individuals, more often women who have problems with the thyroid gland, the most common cause of the problem is insufficient manifestation of their own needs and feelings. For centuries, women have been putting their needs in the last place, after all other family members”, points out Katarina Subotich.
The sixth chakra, the area of the third eye, leads us further into communication with spiritual beings. Our ideas are born here, we first imagine something, we acquire knowledge and talk about it and if everything goes as it should through other chakras, the creative process goes down to the first chakra and manifests in the physical form. Here, according to our interlocutor’s words, we encounter angels and spiritual guides, we begin to develop the extrasensory perception; we see or hear what cannot be perceived by ordinary senses.
“The seventh chakra, by many threads, connects us with the source, with the Divine, whatever it is for each one of us. It is the Divine Mind, the relationship with the spiritual, the universal consciousness. If this center functions well, it will be easy for us to feel the connection with the entire life that surrounds us, both with spirit and matter. Here we have the feeling, realization, that everything is one” explains Katarina Subotich.

It can be performed on distance

Our interlocutor got acquainted with this method in the „Barbara Brennan School of Healing“ educational center where, for already 35 years a human consciousness and energy system are studied and which got the rank of college in the beginning of this century. She went to this school, as she says, for the sake of personal transformation, in order to unravel her own life and get answers associated with personal health challenge at the time. Only later, during education, a desire to assist others in the path of consciousness change emerged. Actually, most of her time she spends abroad, and she is in Serbia every spring, from March to summer.
“Then I'm available for individual treatments and at that time we organize numerous workshops aimed at self-development and profound transformation. Therefore, the contact is not limited by time and space, nor is energy work. In Barbara’s School we received distance-healing training. Thus, I work with people from all over the world, and owing to technology, there are various applications that allow video contact along with the audio. Whoever is interested may find further information and announcements on our website”.

Katarina Subotich, a graduate "Brennan Healing Science" method energy therapist 



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