Once a man connects with others with his whole being, 
he can never forget the feeling, 
he will always search, over and over, 
consciously or not, for the same feeling, 
since he has experienced in his soul what cannot be described in words. 
And when he gets back to the same place, even in his thoughts, 
he will be sad, 
since he will realize that the moment cannot be recurred, 
not the one his soul longs for, 
and at the same time he will be overwhelmed with joy, 
for if he listens to the voice of his inner being, 
he will hear the most joyous song that can ever be heard in a soul,  
he will hear the joy oddity, 
for at that moment, he risked and opened his heart. 
Today his soul has something to remember.
*Sooner or later the moment comes when the man just realizes how richer he is for another beautiful moment that he EXPERIENCED. To experience one moment with complete being…there is only one chance…for in that unique form, the moment can never happen again.