Soul Retrieval

Shamanism considers that every form of illness or imbalance has a spiritual cause. When a trauma happens it is believed that a part of our soul leaves the body. Now, this is not unknown concept. In psychology it is called dissociation. It is a self protecting mechanism that our psyche uses to survive in very stressful, traumatic situations like car accidents, death of a loved one, divorce, birth trauma, etc.

However, the problem is that the part of the lost soul usually doesn’t come back on its own. It wonders in the non-ordinary realms of reality and is there until someone intervenes and facilitates its return back home. That lost part needs to feel that it is wanted and that it is safe to come back to physical body, that trauma has passed.

The symptom of the soul loss might include immunity deficiency, the chronic depression, addictions, suicidal tendencies, post traumatic stress disorder, grief that never heals, etc.
The results of soul retrieval vary from person to person: some people report feeling more grounded, some more joyful, and the others have very subtle results that become visible after more integration of the soul is done.

The importance of shamanic healing work is growing now days more and more as it seems that there is a collective, global soul loss on our planet. Putting its own interests above the interests of community and environment is resulting in uncontrollable greed that is big indicator of soul loss.
The soul retrieval is integrated in healing work I do while having a client on the table.

Practitioner: Katarina Subotich