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Pathwork is a path of practical spiritual wisdom which traces out a step by step journey into personal transformation and wholeness, down to the very core of our being.
The map for this journey is in 258 lectures channeled by Eva Pierrakos over a 30-year period. 
Pathwork is the work on the personal process of transformation. It is a voyage of discovery of our real self through the layers of defenses, denials and fears which seemingly successfully protect us from painful experiences and memories buried in our subconscious thus making us prisoners of the past. 
The split within ourselves co can be integrated only by going through our resistances, fears, traumas…. 
Many spiritual paths promote practices to simply bypass these layers, but by doing so one attains just an illusory and short term effect.  In order create a dependable and solid foundation on which to build healthy, stable and fulfilling life, it is necessary to come into contact with painful places – exactly those which caused us to form defense systems in the first place. 
We start from where we currently are, with all daily difficulties and conflicts which after detailed exploration convey messages about what stands in the way of fulfilling what is our birthright:  joy, happiness, true creative power and peace. We are advised not to skip the steps, not to turn our head away from the darker places in us or those that cause pain or shame.
The work of illuminating and transforming the lower self naturally reveals and strengthens the true self, the divine sparkle  in each one of us that is vibrantly alive, expansive, loving and in truth. Pathwork helps us listen to and respond to the longings of the soul for union with others, for pleasure, fullness of life and endless creativity each of us carries inside.
Pathwork also encourages and teaches us to develop healthy and strong ego [not to deny it];  it becomes an instrument in our hands, and purified of its misconceptions about life it can obtain a wider picture – that it is only just one, but vital part  of our larger being, our Real Self.
As we progress on the path of self-realization and self-respect we start to feel our own guidance and presence of our soul which further inspires and nourishes us while we learn to regularly connect with our guidance.
By working with relevant system of concepts and exercises from the lectures, in a group setting and in the individual sessions, we can receive required help and support from each other on this journey of amazing clarity and wisdom.
It is my pleasure and honor to offer introductory workshops, individual sessions, as well as ongoing programme to those interested to explore and apply Pathwork material in their personal lives
Pathwork Helper: Atila Schroeder
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