Massage and Manual Manipulation

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Massage is ancient and one of the oldest techniques for prevention and treatment of diseased states practiced by a trained and qualified therapist in accordance with his/her individuality. Its use aims to rehabilitate and give support to specific body part suffering from metabolism disorder that at the beginning manifested as discomfort, tension and in later stages as pain. These also represent the first symptoms of pathological states that can be very successfully acted upon by massage and other techniques of manual manipulation. Massage is used to treat skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, skeleton, connective and supporting tissues; it stimulates the cardiovascular system, peripheral and central nervous system, lymph and endocrine system. Massage has positive effects on psychic processes and considerably decreases and prevents nervous tension and stressful conditions.

                I use the following techniques:

  • Spine centering and vertebra re-positioning is an exceptionally effective and non-invasive technique with the task of bringing each segment of the spine to its natural position. Re-positioning automatically and considerably decreases pain, removes every mechanical pressure (an inflammation source) that has developed as a consequence of this mycro-dyslocation. Manual manipulation helps to achieve and maintain its flexibility; at the same time, the absence of flexibility is one of the common causes of lumbar syndrome (spraining), lumbosciatica (ischiadicus inflammation), spondilosis and spondylarthrosis (ossification). Spine centering decreases or completely eliminates the use of medications that in any case do not act on the very cause of disease but only on its effects. The moves are performed in a relaxed (lying) position only after surrounding tissues and whole organism have been very well prepared. In order to achieve longstanding effects of this treatment and to sustain the spine statics, I strongly recommend the use of personalized corrective exercises.

Duration: 1 hour
Price:  ask         

  • Deep Tissue Massage

Due to a stressful lifestyle, our body is exposed to a very high mental and emotional pressure. These states are manifested on the physical level as a constant muscular tension (often, we aren’t even aware of it) resulting in a feeling of exhaustion, fatigue and pain. For example, squeeze your hand in a tight fist for a moment. What are you starting to feel? Effort, tremor, gradual loss of strength? This is precisely the state in which our body often finds itself. Deep tissue massage achieves restoration of muscles to their natural, relaxed state and re-establishing of a healthy metabolism.

Duration: 1 hour
Price: ask                  

  • Relaxation massage gives a wonderful feeling of relaxation to your body and spirit. It aims to nurture the body in order to improve general health, to prevent stress and fatigue as well as to relax muscles. I use relaxation massage as a whole body massage with the application of essential oils acting on senses and psyche and thereby giving a beneficial effect of aromatherapy.  

Duration: 1 or 2 hours
Price: ask

  •  Foot Massage

Reflexology or reflexotherapy is an ancient skill from the East and a diagnostic method based on Chinese “zone therapy” established on the principle that zone corresponding to all organs, glands and body parts are represented on feet. This is the method that is not to be used only when we have problems, but regularly, in order to prevent falling ill, to increase organisms immune system capacity and to preserve health in general. 

I begin the treatment with feet stretching, bones reposition, followed by zone massage. Then follows the treatment of shins where abdomen and nervus ischiadicus zones are located. The massage ends with the stimulation of kidney zone, urethra and bladder.   
“Disease does not go near one who massages his feet before sleeping, just as snakes do not approach eagles.” (Ayurvedic saying)

Duration: 30 or 60 minutes
Price: ask

  • Corrective gymnastics

Movement is the main element of the physical therapy, its task being fortification and preservation of muscular strength that holds the statics of complete body. Correct and regular practicing of adequate and personalized exercises results in great long-term effects in maintenance and preservation of muscular-skeletal resilience (which also affects the entire health and vitality of a human being).

Price: Consultations and development of exercises program costs €30. 

Therapist: Atila Schroeder

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