Woman's Cycle - Woman's Herbs

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San Juan, Puerto Rico
January 13, 2019

We live in a really interesting times. Not only there are new discoveries in the fields of science and technology, new techniques and approaches in modern medicine, but the already forgotten, hundreds of years old healing methods, are being rediscovered.

In some parts of Asia, especially in Korea, as well as in some parts of South and Central America, women have used vaginal steam baths since the earliest times (Bajos in Spanish). This ancient method was used to clean the uterus from residual blood deposits from the previous cycle, to relieve the menstrual cramps, to treat infertility, to remove the cyst, gradually clean trauma caused by sexual abuse, etc.

Besides the fact that this bath is used for the physical needs of the female reproductive system, its powers reach the other levels of the woman’s energy field.

Pelvis is a place where we often “store" emotions that are not very pleasant. Many traumas that occur, even those that are not directly focused on this part of the body, get stored in the area of the second chakra. The feelings we nurture towards ourselves are the basis of our way of thinking, the attitude towards others, as well as of our beliefs.

Often, it happens that we carry the experiences from the past lives in this area of the energy field. Encapsulated events, seen in the energy field as bubbles, carry their own story and traumatic experience that still affects our present life.

*What you can expect from this workshop:

- introduction to herbs for female reproductive system
- experience of vaginal steam bath
- support and guidance in your personal experience and emotional process
- tools to continue doing vaginal steam bath on your own

Note: Vaginal steam bath is not recommended during menstrual cycle, vaginal infection, excesive bleeding or pregnancy.

Workshop facilitator: Katarina Subotich (Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, PsychoEnergetics Therapist, currently - Somatic Experiencing - Trauma Resolution training).

Date: Sunday, January 13, 2019.
Time: 2-6pm.
Location: Casa EYFA Centro de Arte Holístico
                104 Calle Taft, Santurce
Investment: $60
Payment methods: Card/PayPal on registration page or ATH Móvil (787) 529-6622

Number of participants limited to 10 persons.