Light Emerging

Type of event: 
San Juan, Puerto Rico.
March 9, 2019 to March 10, 2019

Based on the second book of Dr. Barbara Brennan, Light Emerging, this new workshop will support exploration of your inner world through human energy field. This is an opportunity to descover valuable information regarding your health and dis-ease process in this lifetime.

Learn how health and illness expresses itself through the Human Energy Field. 
Learn how dis-ease can resonate with where you are energetically blocked. Each level of the aura has an inherent message and methodology to stay balanced. In this workshop, you will explore these levels as well as the dimensions of Hara and Core Star through exercises and meditations.

Your Human Energy Field is intimately related to your physical, mental and spiritual health. This workshop will give you the tools and techniques to understand your relationship to health and dis-ease in new ways. Recommended for people who are looking for preventive care, are currently not feeling well or are a health care practitioner.

What you can expect from this workshop:

  • learning to tune into every of the seven levels of energy field 
  • exploring your potential imbalance/dis-ease on each level 
  • exercises and meditations that support this type of self-exploration
  • practicing hands on work with other participants
  • practicing Hara and Core star dimensions
  • receiving information from your own energy field about healing plan for yourself
  • if practitioner in healing profession, you will get more tools and ways to work with your clients


Workshop facilitator: Katarina Subotich

Contact:; 787-529-6622 (Whatsapp)

Date:  March 9-10, 2019.

Hour: 9:30-5pm

Location: Casa EYFA, Centro de Arte Holistico

104 calle Taft, Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Investment: $250

Registration: Card/Paypal or ATH Movil 787-529-6622