Atila Schroeder

Pathwork Helper
Terapeuta de Masaje
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Photo by Maja Medić
Pleasure and exploration were, and still are, the guiding forces of my life.
At one point my experiencies brought me in front of the questions  most of us humans faced at least once in our lifetime: who am I, what is worth of living and what is it that I can do in my life  that can really fulfill me, to the point of impregnating  my soul?
In my early adolescence I turned for the answers to the Vedas and ancient religions of the East. The wisdom and spirituality of India gave a magical flavor to the quest as I immeresed myself deeply into it, spending time in ashrams, temples and dusty roads of India. I passionatelly explored chanting, meditation and yoga, met sadhus and mystics while visiting holy places and taking baths in Ganges.
But something was still missing. And believe it or not, what was mostly missing in my life was myself. When I say myself, I mean my earthly, physical-body self. Can i find the fulfillment without having to leave behind any part of myself? Can I be body and soul at the same time? Is the wholness possible while in the physical plane? Good part of me was convinced it all had positive answer; i just needed the living experience of it.
I turned than to the exploration of human body and enrolled in Medical School in order to get trained as a physical therapist. Now this was interesting: discovering my desire to help people was giving unique flavor to my everyday life. Meeting fellow humans on the place of discomfort and pain,  doing my best to support them in their situation, and finally watching some of them get better, gave me a sense of more fulfilled life. I was closer to myself.
However, the real bridge between my spiritual and earthly aspects came into my life when I was introduced to Pathwork. Through this channeled material I was able to touch my soul and my body- mind at the same time.  The depths of matter and spirit are challenging and infinite, and Pathwork mends them to the point of  becoming one. The place where it all meets is a place were i can be present for myself and with myself, in all of my messines and my divinity, and from that place I am able to meet  the other more fully. Pathwork opened a door to another dimension, where I started to be more, live more and feel more. All of it at the same time.
Most  of the phases of my inner path got their form and color on canvas. Painting came as a way of a very vivid expression of my ever-moving life force. Inner universe meets the outer in my brush and I look forward to every new, unpredictible stroke it will make in front of my eyes, leaving me incesesantly  surprised, over and over again
So, the journey is never ending and always enriching.
I am honored to be witness to my own unfolding process, as much as to the  individual process of the fellow humans who cross my path. 
Looking forward to meeting you while sharing our precious physical moments together,
Atila Schroeder
Pathwork Helper
Physical & Massage Therapist
* 2012-2014 Pathwork Helpership Training
* 1 year of Core Energetcs studies
* 2008–2012: Pathwork Transformation Programme
* Medical School degree in Physical Therapy