The World of Horses

There are many interesting themes I can find myself writing about this month. So much is going on in the world these days: conflicts and wars, losses of loved ones, natural disasters. We are all deeply connected to all of it, even if it is happening on the other side of the globe, far away from where we are at the moment.
But I choose to write about what touched me so deeply the other day when I visited the farm of horses here in Florida. The encounter with a couple of these magical beings opened my heart and expanded my senses. I was able to enter in healing state just by being present with the four-legged people, as Native Americans call them. 
As I approached the stables and tried to get attention of couple of horses, I felt sadness. Most of them where turned towards the window to the opposite side where I was standing...just looking far, in the green fields they were not allowed to go to right now. As I got attention of one of them, he approached and looked at me. How beautiful big eyes he has! It felt like he had the whole universe contained in those wide and deeply mysterious eyes. 
And long lashes:). 
As we stood in front of each other, bars separating us, I gently touched his head. There was a slight backing up on his side as I felt his distrust and sadness. 
But he didn't move away. He stayed curious as I did too. 
The whole new world started to open up in front of me: the world of horses. I got information that we humans always want something from them. Many of us are not involved with other forms of life just because of those other beings, but because we want to get something from them. As a matter of fact, those horses where just passing through this farm, after 18 hours of traveling from Kentucky on their way to Puerto Rico. They had to catch a flight at 4am next morning!
They are just part of the business, an object that will bring money to the owners, the present and the future ones, than to race tracks and to the gamblers, if they are lucky enough. And when horses are physically hurt and can't take part in races anymore, they will most probably be killed...too expensive to maintain them after we use them. When that happens to us humans, we call it betrayal. When we do it to other forms of life, we call it profitability.
This is heart breaking.
In the past we used them for battles and wars, for field work, for transportation ....always taking, taking, and taking some more from them.
My eyes filled with tears. I entered the universal consciousness of feeling the collective harm we humans do to horses (and other earthlings), to oceans and rivers, to earth, to air. And I felt tremendous pain and sadness on the other end, the side of those we victimize all the time. 
My heart opened. I reached for more contact, for another touch. The horse allowed it, more this time. We stayed there just for presence of each other. And I could of stayed for hours in front of this beautiful being. It was so alivening, so present, so expansive. It was so loving. It moved every cell in my body, every neuron in my brain lightened up and my heart chambers expanded. The experience was so visceral and so spiritual at the same time.
This all made me think and feel more about how we humans treat other forms of life. This consciousness of taking and giving if we only get something in return, if we profit, is degrading the human race. I don't know how I got to that place, but I always had a feeling that killing and mistreating of the animals is directly related to the wars between humans. All that cruelty is transferred to everything around us.
Where does it come from....the  greediness, the lack of empathy and love?
Answers to those questions are very individual and we can get the answers by diving deep into ourselves...or just taking a moment next time we pass by four-legged people and hear what they have to transmit to us.
Stay curious and open to all life,

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