Notes from Brazil, part 1

" All sicknesses have cure.
The only one that cannot be cured
Is the sickness of feeling unloved."
                                 - Mother Theresa
It is so quiet here in Abadiania this Saturday afternoon. The chirping of the birds occasionally diverts my attention to the window where my eyes meet with treetop decorated with unripe mango fruits, that swing slowly on the gentle breeze. Everything here is in the service of the Divine, meditation and finding the inner silence. The heart in love is infinite and that feeling brings us, humans, in touch with truth that we are infinite and immortal, that purpose of life is love and elevation of the spirit.
This time, our news are written in one really unusual place, in Abadiania, high plateau of Goias, Brazil, where, I can definitely dare to say, is situated the biggest spiritual hospital on Earth. Medium Joao (aka John of God) here performs invisible ( and visible ) surgeries and numerous miraculous healings for more than forty years. This humble man, with supernatural abilities not only manifests miracle healings on the physical plane, but what is more important, heals the soul. This center, where spiritual and material worlds mix freely and where everyone spontaneously speaks about Entities, spiritual surgery and Divine, is soaked in ocean of love. After all, love is that ingredient that heals, and here you really get to experience that.
About the center itself and about Medium Joao you can find numerous articles, interviews and video clips on the net and Youtube. In the meantime I will tell you a few realizations I got while spending my first week in Casa de Dom Inacio.
The purpose of the work we do on ourselves is acceptance. Acceptance of life the way it was; acceptance that some people hurt us, many times those closest to us. Acceptance that parents had, and still do have their own limitations and that in many cases that will change, and in many cases it will not ( they will continue to be who they are at this moment).
Work on the self means accepting the past as it was and still is ( the past will never change). As long as we don't come to that place of acceptance, we will keep recycling our pain ( this time in the name of working on ourselves). The release of the old and stuck emotions is of enormous significance, but it is not the goal and end in itself.
In order to experience healing on physical, emotional and spiritual level, it is necessary to allow Divine to enter our  life. Because life is meant to be alliance between Human and Divine, where we perform our work of transformation, and the Spirit brings in transmutation and love ( that we forgot about) from higher spheres.
Work on ourselves, without Divine, does not bring ultimate fulfillment. The relief and betterment, yes. All physical and emotional healings, observed in the milieu of eternity, are just a blink of an eye. They are all temporary, and at the same time of huge importance.
That is why I brought here, in this center where thousands pass in a day, all those things I still, unfortunately, desperately hold onto and trip over and over again. I bring, in my daily meditations, all my family members, and other people, that hurt me ( and I did hurt) whose behavior still manages to knock me down to irritation, anger, impatience, pain and isolation. Physical healings will come and go, but the soul is what stays for ever, what is eternal. Therefore, after all of this work on myself, may letting go and forgiveness occur.
And I wish you the same.
May the love and peace rule our hearts and minds.
Than the world peace will follow.
Abadiania,  22. November 2015.




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