Innate Mirror

Have you ever thought what is it that moves us even after the biggest loss, fall or disappointment? What is it that, even after betrayal, embezzlement and hurt, moves us again towards the other people? Paradoxically, it is our innate need for contact, need to end in someone, in someone’s eyes, skin, in someone’s thoughts.
We human beings have neurons (nerve cells) that are wired for contact. New studies reveal so called mirror neurons which enable us to feel what others are feeling. This is the center of empathy which only purpose of existence can be explained by need for social interaction. If it was not for this deep need, so deep that it is almost elusive in its depths, to connect with other beings, mirror neurons would not exist.
This type of neurons are capable to spontaneously and naturally create invisible link between the brains of two or more people (I would include animals as well). Through human, innate wifi, so to speak, we can feel what other person, we observe, is feeling or thinking (watching the movie, video clip, TV or actors in theater are just some of the examples).
This neurons are not capable of discrimination. They simply mirror and enable energetic assimilation of the person we have on our mind. If we are obsessed with somebody, and their behavior, we automatically connect with that person and energetically assimilate feelings of that person in our own, that way making their emotional realities our own.
As we briefly got to know how those mirror neurons work, we can see, that even from scientific point of view, it is very important who we contact with, what kind of feelings those people evoke in us, and with who we assimilate. 
Now, remember all of our experiences form workshops and individual sessions. Remember how much of our work is still “hooked” on our parents and those that hurt us or are still hurting us. As long as we hold onto old belief systems and unprocessed emotions, as long as our minds are focused on betrayal of our mother, abandonment of our father or cheating of our partner, so much we amplify physiological activity in the brain and the connection of the neurons that insist on this old movie, repeated over and over again.
Day in day out we keep reaffirming reality that happened in the past, we plant it in the present and it keeps growing in the future (literally on the physiological level). The reality is: we got entangled in our own neurons (read belief systems)  which make us look alike the ones we are blaming.
Fortunately, those very same neurons can be reprogrammed. 
Neuroplasticity is a new branch of neuroscience which says that trajectory of the neurons and the way they connect with each other, can be changed by new experiences in the new environment. In another words, trajectory of neurons and the synapses start to change and connect differently thanks to new mental, physical, emotional and spiritual experiences in the new environment. The example of this is when, during strong emotional reaction during your personal process, while you insist on your story from the past, your therapist  gently and persistently brings you back to the present moment and  asks “what do you see in front of you, what do you see in the eyes of the person in front of you in this moment? Most probably, if you really look, you will see somebody who sees you, who hears you, instead of the old way we experienced contact by being unvalued or unnoticed.
This means, that if we did not feel the connection with the mother, father, etc. where, so to speak we are left with “hole” in the electrical circuit in the nervous system, the new bridge of neurons can be built, which will be stimulated with new experiences (or more correct way of putting it, we can encourage already existing capacity and revive that part of neurological circuit). 
You most probably had that feeling in the past, but many of us were not aware of other possibilities, it did not occur to us that things can be done differently. With new neuron connections, we realize it can be done this way, that way and any way we think of. That practically means that consciousness got expanded.
Reading lately about this new findings, I gained the realization that the method of inner work I practice and share with others, deeply changes the consciousness and life. Not that I did not know this earlier, but now it is confirmed and expanded. It is fascinating, that something we have known in our “new age” circles about transformation of consciousness, gets scientifically confirmed. 
It gets confirmed, from one more aspect, from one more level, that we are on the right path. 
Let’s stay curious and open to the mysteries of our consciousness and this magical human body.

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