And then...Evelina Was Born!

There is a child inside each one of us that believes in miracles. That child hopes and wishes for one miracle every night when looking up towards the sky - the magical space filled with infinite number of stars, thinking which one he wants to visit in the dreams of tonight. Some of us, despite of the age, secretly still belive in farytales, gnomes and faries. We are, believe it or not, just sure that those beings are for real; they come and speak to us and remind us to play. While, maybe, the rest of us lost the magic that faded into everyday reality of “grown ups”.

Well, even as grown up, when you do a strange work:), like I do (energy healings, hanging out with the spirits and angels), you just can’t let go of the knowing that miracles do exist. And here is one story that will make you consider the possiblity that little miracles of life are aroud the corner, waiting for each one of us. Including you.

Sometimes in January of 2017. I was conntacted by Valerius, an orthopedic surgeon from Republic of Moldova. This was not out first encounter; we have done some healing work in the past. This time, he conntacted me for a healing that would help with the conception of his child. The doctors could not explain why they had difficulty conceiving - all tests and medical exams were fine. Hormones, healthy cycle as well as anatomy, all where in their respectful place. Valerius and his wife Angela kept searching for answeres and ways to fullfill their longing of creating a new life. They went to various monasteries, turned to prayer. But still, results were missing. Until one moment Valerius rememberd! He have read somewhere in the books of dr Barbara Brennan her explaination of energetic conditions needed for pregnancy. Maybe that was the missing link? Than he conntacted me.

On our healing session I worked on both future parents. There were issues from previous relationships interfereing with the present one. As he put it “he went through a hell leaving previous agonizing marriage” and his present wife has divorced an abusive and alcoholic husband of many years. The tightness in her body was still present, a lot of fear and constriction. That was interfering with the conception as the embryo had difficulty planting itself in the walls of the uterus. The connection between mother and the baby (or better to say soul who is about to come) is established even before the conception through the heart chakra.Then, to my perception, the hara line is used, alined between mother and child to be, for the soul to find its way to the physical body and uterus. We worked on all of this: opening heart chakra of the mother, clearing and charging it, clearing the cords and establishing the connection between mother to be and baby/soul that was floating close to Angela’s aura.

We worked on hara line, aligned the intention of baby and the mother and spent some time softening her uterus. Pituitary gland was infused with white light.

When I was about to be done with energy work on her, I sensed father’s cords were pulled back. His aura was pulling back, as there were things still pulling his energy and presence to the past. Then I moved to work on him. I also cleared his cords, especially in the second chakra, aligned his hara, charged his heart energy. 

The conception cords, so to speak, were all directed now to new life, from both perents: the focus, the intent, the love…everything was clear and on its place.

I suspected we might need another couple of healings just to make sure everything was maintaining itself in place.

Well, Divine plan was a bit different from mine:). A week or so later Valerius sent me a message: Angela’s pregnancy test came out positive! 

I couldn’t help but ask: Are you sure? Just from one healing?

And so new journey was starting for all involved. On october 19, 2017. Evelina was born. Little boundle of joy, fullfulling longing of her parents and proof that miracles do exist, she is a little diamond decorating this world. I thought to myself…hm, I became an aunt again:).

It is an honor to be part of a creation of a new life.  It is also a fun job to be spreading the fairy dust around the world. Then maybe, just maybe, more of the grown ups will start to believe in miracles of life again...nd the possibility that it can happen to each one of us.

Evelina, welcome!


With love,




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