Ancient Healing Methods - Repositioning of the Stomach

Not too long ago, at the times when our grandparents were children, it was not so unusual and rare for every village to have one healer. Those healers were usually women, who received the knowledge, verbally and experientially, from their mothers and grandmothers. They would fix the bones, heal with medicinal plants, deliver babies, deal with spells and curses. 
Just a few weeks ago we had an honor of meeting one of such versatile healers. Her specialty is “repositioning the stomach”, and along the way, she tells you some folk medicine recipe, like taking a navy bean which, “when swollen raw, like a tablet”, heals gastritis. 
Aunt Radmila, as we called her, is very vital woman who, at about age of eighty, sees almost ten people a day. She is extremely inspiring and living example of the old motto: do what you are meant to do in this lifetime, do that which gives you purpose, and your life will be fulfilling.
While listening her story, and occasional complaints  that she did not learn as much as she could from her mother, who was a super-healer, I felt entering the Universal Field of Knowledge and wisdom that humankind was creating for thousands of years. We didn’t need back then all the scientific experiments and proofs, approval of government and other institutions for some medicine to be used in healing. We just needed presence, deep contact and openness for all that knowledge to flow through skillful hands that help babies come into right position during delivery,  adjust wombs and prostates, stomachs and broken bones.
Results were, and still are, nothing short of amazing: relieved digestion, straitening of the spine, pregnancies, etc. What more of proof do we need?
To make a long story short, we are adding to this blog  a few photographs from this unusual visit, and the readers who had a treatment, we ask to please share their experience in the comments below the text. This immensely valuable knowledge is slowly disappearing so we encourage you to, wherever and whenever you meet these kind of healers, from the real folk succession, grab a few hours of their company. The real Akashic records of Universal and folk medicine, that flow through the centuries, will be available to you. The wisdom you receive from this people is precious. Therefore, our Atila is in the training at Radmila’s healing “school”, and soon this ancient technique will be available in the treatments in Belgrade. 
1. The treatment starts with warm water being poured in gourd. By pressing the gourd to the abdomen, in circular motion, inner organs, especially stomach, relax and get prepared for manual manipulation. It is said that stomach, since it does not have strong connective tissue fixing it to the abdominal wall or neighboring organs, can easily “walk around” and push the diaphragm, come too close the the spine, float under the rib. All of that can result in numerous problems with digestion, inadequate absorption, gases, difficult evacuation, gastritis, hernia. Not only it affects the digestive system, but tachycardia, misalignment of the spine, lowering of womb or prostate, are all consequences of dislocated stomach (although it might seem these organs have nothing to do with stomach).
2. The warming up phase is followed by the short massage of the back and disconnection of so called “veins” of the stomach from the spine. This is mainly achieved be cupping and some manual manipulation.

3. The next step is manual manipulation and cupping of the abdominal area. 
4. Tight wrapping of the sheet around abdomen is the last step. It is done with the purpose to stabilize the work and new location of the organs. 
Depending on the individual, sometimes one treatment is enough to put the stomach in its place. Most of the time we need a few treatments.

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